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Heather —  April 1, 2011
Cover of "Flyboys (Widescreen Edition)"

Cover of Flyboys (Widescreen Edition)

Zeezok’s new line of Z-Guides to the Movies is such a clever way to use multimedia for learning! I recently got to review these and knew Nick would especially enjoy this project if he could choose a movie he wanted. So, I asked him to take a look at what was available (they have many options). He chose Flyboys ZGuide to the Movies.

Each zguide contains a topic overview, movie synopsis, and ten learning activities for an in-depth study of the film. I was thrilled by the quality of the discussion questions and activities. The activities for Flyboys struck me as very well researched and thought out.

While I was thinking this would just be a fun little aside, in actuality, Nick studied quite a bit and ended up discussing some serious questions on morality and doing a big essay. It was fun to really go in-depth with a movie, look at the movie critically, while eating popcorn on the couch.

Among other things the zguides include a five day lesson plan for the teacher—which was nice to have–although we took longer as I decided this was a good jumping off point for a longer study.

Since Nick did this study, I asked his opinion.

Nick’s opinion:  “When I got this project I was excited because I got to watch a movie during school! The movie that my Z-guide went to was FLYBOYS directed by Tony Bell. The cast included James Franco, and Jean Reno.

It was a good movie.  The Z-guide made the movie better because it made me pay more attention to the details of the movie.

The Z-guide has 10 activities:

  1. Movie review Questions, the questions are just things that happen in the film like what color was James Franco’s plane.
  2. More about the Lafayette Escadrille, more questions
  3. For activity 3 I got to design my own insignia that I would put on my plane if I was a pilot.
  4. More about the planes they flew.
  5. Write an essay (not my favorite).
  6. A crossword
  7. Draw a recruitment poster.
  8. Questions about a dirigible as a weapon of war.
  9. Worldview. Here, we had questions asking us to think about people’s beliefs and behaviors in the movie. For one, in this movie I learned about racial prejudice during WW1
  10. And the filmmaker’s art part talks about the actual movie making part of the movie.

There are also questions for your family to discuss. I enjoyed this Guide it taught me more about World War 1. It also taught me more about World War 1 pilots, because for some of the questions you have to look it up on the internet. When I did look something up there were more things related to what I looked up causing me to read about the planes and some of the real pilots of WW 1. For example, I ended up looking at the types of gasmasks there were in WW1, and why pilots wore a white scarf.

Overall I really enjoyed this and I learned a lot of history while I had fun.”

You can purchase this ZGuide ebook for $12.99 on CD or with instant download. This eBook contains a printable pdf file of the complete study guide. Each guide is written to be used with a date specific production of the movie and that information is listed on the cover of the guide. You can purchase the movies from Zeezok or find at your library and all of them are available thru Netflix.

See the Zeezok website to see more ZGuides to the Movies, and  find them on facebook.

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I received The Zeezok ZGuide to Flyboys through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.


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