Web Design For Kids (…And Curious Grown-Ups!)

Heather —  August 10, 2009


Summary & Rating:

High 5. Today’s TOS Crew Review is a joy to do. My tech savy kids and I give the Web Design For Kids (…And Curious Grown-Ups!) DVD a high five. We were all impressed by the specific, simple instructions and the ease with which my kids created their personal web pages while viewing this DVD. The creator, Brian Richardson, is a middle school computer literacy teacher and technology expert. He definitely knew how to reach my kids.

I let my kids take my laptop and begin working independently. (The software you will need to work with the DVD  is already on almost any computer — notepad and Internet Explorer). Anyway, I totally expected the kids to come back to me with questions and problems…. After about 30 minutes, I realized the house was silent, aside from them laughing and saying, “Hey, come see this!” They were proud and confident. I was surprised and pleased! Here are a few of the things they learned:

  • Basic HTML Code
  • Adding pictures
  • Coloring letters and backgrounds
  • Making text move across the screen

Here are some photos of the web pages they created after working for about an hour:

J's page

J's page

N's Page

N's Page

Yes, N’s page IS about Pizza. His blog is about Cooking:) We have a budding chef!

Here is what my 13 year old has to say:

“At first I thought it would be too complicated, but after the first chapter of the video I felt more confident. After learning the basics, I began making my wonderful web page. I would never have known how to do that before watching this video.”

Both my 13 and 14 year old are pretty good with the computer. But, none of us had really considered learning HTML. I have several books lying around that I could use…but they are bulky and daunting…we agree, this DVD is the way to begin.

jworking nworking

I love it! My kids are learning and they think it is fun:) This is a great product at a great price. I wholeheartedly recommend the Web Design for Kids DVD as an effective computer “elective” teaching tool, or frankly, just for fun to help build confidence with the computer. My children were able to use this totally independently. Younger children can use this as well, but may need some help from Mom & Dad.

You can order this DVD for 50% off during their Summer Special. The cost is currently $19.99. Go here to order or for more information. You can also go here, and see what other TOS Crew members have to say about this product.

Excellent. I LOVE it!

Excellent. I LOVE it!


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  1. Sounds really fun! My son would find that a blast but he is still young so help would be required. Hey, maybe I would learn a thing or two. LOL…

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