Virginia Soaps and Scents…Decadence can be a good thing!

Heather —  October 28, 2009


This is a review post, but I JUST had to share. I never thought I’d use a Shampoo Bar…check it out!

Virginia Soaps & Scents — Going Natural Works for ME!

Summary & Review: 5++ I just got out of one of the most wonderful showers I have had in years…Seriously, this was fantastic, with lemon, sugar and olive oil face and body scrub, a marvelous orange scented soap, a ginger shampoo bar and fresh out of the dryer towels.  Afterward, I went around the house telling my children…they responded with,  “Please, mom, get dressed”:)

So, what brought on this indulgent treat? Well, I have always loved baths and showers–I am a bit obsessive about getting my shower time. Since I was first a mom, the evening shower was my time to decompress and relax–I remember putting babies in the walkers and rockers in the bathroom just to make sure I got shower time. The morning one, just a necessity to wake me up! Anyway, over the years I have used many different products and had many different bathrooms…my last home had my absolute favorite–a granite jacuzzi garden tub. (Oh yeah. Now you see why I did not want to move!)

Anyway, I have not had a good bathroom experience since we moved. I hate this bathroom. We are just renting, but if we were staying here, I’d have the crowbar out and be hard at work remodeling the bathroom. So, I’m getting to the impetus to actually enjoy this bathroom. It took a lot, actually.

First, I received some delicious smelling homemade soaps from the Virginia Soaps & Scents Company to review for TOS. My sampler included three different soap scents, a shampoo bar, and a laundry soap kit. The soap scents were Fresh Orange, Oatmeal, Milk & Honey and Coconut Lemongrass. Actually, my teenagers grabbed all the soaps and left me the Shampoo bar. I retrieved one of the lovely soaps (Fresh Orange). Meanwhile, the shampoo bar sat around in the bathroom for a week or two, while I tried to decide if I was granola”y” to try a shampoo bar.

Over the years, we have tried many holistic products and recipes, etc, but I have not implemented too many into a routine. Anyway, a few weeks before I got the shampoo bar, my college son was showing me some more info on how many popular shampoos are actually really dangerous to our health (see one such article, here). The article resonated with me and it was in my mind to not just read about more healthy personal products, but to USE them in my home.

So, I had, really, a trifecta–the need for a good shower, the homemade bars and the knowledge that I need to change my household’s current routine to protect my kids skin and hair from all these potential toxins.

But, I did also need to keep in mind that as a redhead with ridiculously sensitive skin, I have to be very careful which products I use. I also am bothered by strong scents–I easily get a headache if I am near a Bath & Body Works.

Well, Virginia Soaps & Scents really did come to the rescue at just the right time! All of their products are handcrafted and made with only natural products. I CAN have lovely scented soaps without a headache! On top of that, the soaps lather up wonderfully and did not bother my skin at all. So, I am thrilled that I am using more natural and healthy products and they are working better than my usual items! Read about the soaps, here

The shampoo bar is very different. I like how my hair feels after it drys. At first, it felt weird and my hair felt dry as I washed it. But then, my hair was soft and shiny after it dried. Hmmmm. Also, a TOS friend mentioned you need to lather the bar on your head (rub it in), rather than rubbing the bar in your hands. You use no conditioner. My hair was a bit knotty (I have medium length hair) but, after a few days it seems less knotty without conditioner. My husband loves it and I love that it is better for us. I think maybe I don’t like the sample size, it feels weird trying to rub all over my head, so I plan to buy the larger size. I think I will try the Coconut Lemongrass:) Read about the story behind the shampoo bar, here.

Wonderful, gentle scents & creamy texture
Wonderful, gentle scents & creamy texture

We also got their Laundry soap–as you may have read, we do already make our own laundry soap. But, theirs does smell better. This would be an easy way to change your household habits for the better, ie healthier:)

With Christmas around the corner, I recommend you take a look at their website. They have all kinds of delightful items and they are lovely!

The soap is $4.50 bar, $12 for 3 bars or buy 4 get 1 free. Shampoo bars run for $5.50 bar and the Laundry Kit is $4.95.

So give some excellent Christmas gifts, or just have a fantastic shower experience:) This totally works for me!

To see what my TOS crewmates have to say, click here!

A Sampler from Virginia Soaps & Scents was provided to me for the purpose of my review. I received no compensation and I have expressed my unbiased opinion on this product.


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4 responses to Virginia Soaps and Scents…Decadence can be a good thing!

  1. I was thinking of getting some of their products for Christmas gifts. Another bloggy friend of mine reviewed these too, I’m so glad you liked them!
    .-= Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy´s last blog ..WFMW – Paint Chips =-.

  2. There stuff looks wonderful! I love anything all natural and healthy. 🙂 I have an all natural giveaway going on right now if you are interested!!
    .-= Brandi´s last blog ..WFMW: Oscillococcinum & GIVEAWAY =-.

  3. We also really enjoyed the soaps and other products. I need to order more, that’s on my to do list. 🙂

  4. Yeah there are so many chemicals and pollutants in shampoos and soaps these days. This is interesting, I like this.