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Heather —  August 10, 2012

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As Summer slowly ends and we gear up into Fall, I try to organize all my homeschooling stuff.

This year, I especially want to highlight a wonderful homeschool resource:

Homeschool Mosaics

Yes, I have a special interest in this site as I am a columnist for this site!

My column is Treasuring Your Teens, and I write about this because my house is full of teenagers!

But, The WHOLE site is an amazing resource.

And, while I expected a lot from the site as I know many of the writers, I still honestly find myself impressed by how much content and wisdom is available on this site.

You will find columns covering homeschool methods, homeschooling encouragement, homeschool how-to’s, just to mention a few.

Follow Homeschool Mosaics for discussions on parenting, talking about child development, teaching gifted, special needs, recipes, bible study for little children, genealogy, discussions about transcripts, heading to college and Treasuring Your Teens.

Head over and take a look! Here are some of my old columns. I have a column the 21st of each month.


Treasuring Your Teens:

No teens at your house? No worries. There are articles to support every stage of homeschooling!


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  1. So glad you are part of this great team!