Today is a Review Day!

Heather —  June 29, 2009

As a kid, do you remember being all excited to organize all your brand new school supplies for the first day?

I totally do. I remember lining up newly sharpened pencils, colored pencils, erasers, composition books…having a special pencil case usually completed my pile of treasures. I was READY. I was excited…I felt like I could take on the world.

I have to say, that is exactly the feeling I get thumbing through my brand new OldSchoolhouse Planner for 2009! I get a sense of peace looking through the planner and adding my own personal notes and plans into my new book…my ONE book…instead of my usual many separate books.

Are you curious about what kind of planner would give this mom of five a sense of peace…the feeling that she’s actually not missing something? Okay. I knew you were, just a bit. As I mentioned a little while ago here on my blog, this year I am a member of The OldSchoolhouse Crew (TOS Crew), and as such, will be using homeschool products and sharing my thoughts about them with my local homeschool group, and with you here on Faith, Family & Fun.

Well, one of these products is the 2009 OldSchoolhouse Planner, the 375 page E-Book subtitled “Making a Plan for School and Home.” The editors have done a great job of determining what organizational helps homeschool moms (and dads) need to make their duties as teachers and homemakers easier. The cost is a steal at $39. You can take a look at a sample of the planner or peek at the table of contents here.

Basically, the Planner is divided into 4 distinct sections. These are:

1. Main Body of the Planner. This section includes yearly and monthly calendars. Each month offers a topic with an article and ideas for unit study, clickable hyperlinks to more resources, and recipes. With my homeschoolers being on separate ends of the spectrum–one preschool, one High School, I am pleased to see topics ranging from “Lapbooks” to “Getting into College”. I feel good about having topics like American Government Basics, Weather and Astronomy.

2. Miscellaneous Educational Information. A helpful section with wonderful charts & tables like measurement conversions and historical timelines. (Great quick reference so I sound like a genius to my kids:)

3. Homeschool Forms. This year I will be homeschooling a highschooler. Frankly, I am worried about keeping excellent records–I know it is essential for this age. I believe this section of the planner will make a real difference in our lives. There are forms in here I never thought to keep, but which will support my child. There are evaluation forms, annual plans, report card forms, High School transcripts, High School hours tracking log, copypages, even journaling pages…way too many to list here!

4. Household forms. These are the icing on the cake for me. Not only will I have my official records covered, but I can feel more in control on the home front. I love the family health information forms, homekeeping reminders, food inventory logs, address book, party plans and gift lists!

The Pdf file downloads easily and all the forms are interactive. While you can just download the file and type into the forms and then print out as you see fit, I often need to print things out–hold them in my hand to really know what I am doing:)

I immediately went ahead and printed my Planner out and placed it into an Avery Heavy Duty 2″ binder. It fits easily. I think it is marvelous that I have all this knowledge and the forms at my disposal!

On top of that, as I get more organized during the upcoming year, I will type things into my PDF Planner and reprint…all updated, tidy, and beautiful! Plus, I cannot “lose” a form–they are in my PDF file! This will be great for using for records. Can you tell I am a “thrower-outer” who tends to lose things? Truly, I tend to file things in “special” places and then cannot find them. Not with this:) I am so glad this came when I was getting ready for record keeping for High School. Also, my state is very easy on Homeschoolers regarding records, but I hear many states have more stringent requirements. Having many of these forms handy can help protect your family.

Another nice option is that the Planner is expandable. The OldSchoolhouse Store already has monthly modules geared to supplement your original monthly units, with more on the way. These modules include lesson options on topics such as summer fun, and federal, state and local government, just to name a few. Take a look at these here.

The 2009 Planner can be ordered right here and..if you purchase your 2009 Planner by July 12th, you can also get the 2008 Schoolhouse Planner Useful Excerpts for free! See my post about the excepts, here

Kudos to the OldSchoolhouse! The only thing I need now is a special holder for my planner that zips, so I can fill it full of photos and post-its. Check back with me throughout the year to see the difference having the planner makes for us!


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4 responses to Today is a Review Day!

  1. This brings back memories of my first day of school. The planner sounds great!!

  2. Thanks, Veronica!

  3. Great review. I can't wait to get some ink in order to print out more of my forms!


  4. Thanks, Kimberly. Printing the planner out did use up our ink:) But, I figured if I did not, there would be forms in the pdf I never saw!