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Heather —  August 4, 2010
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I mentioned the Hop the other day, and I am happy to share my curriculum for my kids. I love the order in the photo above. Our homeschool will not look like that, but it will be filled with some wonderful, classic stuff this year…stuff we can read on the couch!!

Today, I am posting the curriculum for Nick. Nick is in High School this year (9th/10th).

Here are my finalized plans for him:

  • Math — ALEKS online. Semester 1, complete Algebra 1. Semester 2, Geometry
  • Biology — Apologia Biology through The Potters School, online
  • Additional Science Nutrition 101 Text
  • Ancient World History/Geography — A mixture of Mystery of History Text, Ultimate Geography, Homeschool in The Woods.
  • Grammar/ Literature — Rod and Staff Text, Illuminations, World Literature and British Literature
  • BibleGrapevine Studies (New Testament) and Illuminations (Old Testament)
  • French–Rosetta Stone, additional videos, texts
  • Fine Arts–Artistic Pursuits, Music classes
  • Electives — Computer Technology, Penmanship, Cooking, PE
  • Reading ListTo include: The Greek Way, Prometheus Bound, Oedipus Rex, Julius Caesar, The Canterbury Tales, Beowulf, Ivanhoe, Frankenstein, A Tale of Two Cities.

Join in the fun at the Not Back to School Blog Hop!

Not Back to School Blog Hop


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3 responses to The Not Back-to-School Blog Hop, Teen Curriculum

  1. Cynthia Carlson August 4, 2010 at 4:26 pm

    I so like ALEKS! Did you see the 2 for 1 sale that is on right now? Nutrition 101 is really interesting too.

    • quinnschilling August 4, 2010 at 5:49 pm

      Hi, Cynthia! No, I did not realize they had a deal–I need to check that out–I am amazed at how well N is doing with ALEKS. It took all the struggle out of math for us:) With Nutrition 101, we keep coming back to it–over and over and learning a bit each time. I like that. I need to come by your blog and see youe=r curriculum as I am trying to go more classical with my youngest…

  2. Hey! Excellent list! Just wanted to run something by you. My oldest daughter will be doing Apologia Biology online in the Fall also.

    We were introduced to a free online Apologia Biology class. The site is:

    Just thought I’d share.