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Heather —  December 17, 2009


Summary & Rating: 4.5. Is your child interested in video games? Would you like to support their interests while fostering their creativity and logical thinking skills? Try out Tektoma.  Reviewing Tektoma recently helped me to be a cool mom:)

Tektoma is a website which works in tandem with GameMaker software.  It is basically a group of tutorials made to help you create video games.

GameMaker is a piece of software that allows you to make a game without a single line of code, so you could compare it to putting a puzzle together, where you choose the pieces and the end result.

Now, navigating a piece of software like this is in and of itself a challenge similar to programming. That’s where Tektoma comes in, you can watch a wealth of really well done tutorial videos, or you could post a question to Tektoma’s forum asking how you might navigate the software.

My son has had a great time creating his first game; he’s also had great luck with posing questions to Tektomas crew on the forum and through direct email. The videos for the most part explained everything he wanted to do, but once or twice he had an idea that went beyond what the ordinary tutorial might offer. It was impressive how the moderators of Tektoma took such time and care in answering his queries, he was ecstatic not to be held up by road bumps and to see his creation blossom.

Nick's game has 5 levels; he got to design & set up play

Nick's game has 5 levels; he designed & set up play...

Kids can even email their games to friends and relatives! To see what your kids can do, please go check out the game Nick made below. I would love it if someone would have their kids play his games & leave a comment!


Click on the link above. It will ask you if you want to download the file. Click ok, then save. Then double click on the download. It will then ask you if you want to run. Click ok. The game will open with the directions. Read & click ok. You can move through several stages, beating the bad guys & collecting money, etc.

While there are still a number of styles of games, using the free version of Gamemaker does limit your options.  Nick used the free option to create what he tells me is a “platform” game. With the free option you can create many games. If you want, the Gamemaker Pro option is available for around $25 and you could create even more elaborate games.

I think Tektoma would be useful with an independent child in the 10+ age range, or a younger child who is very interested in the computer and has a Mom/Dad who wants to help out.

Tektoma offers a free fourteen day trial to their content, better yet, if you refer a friend who notes your referral  you get another two weeks free each referral.  Membership is $14.99 per month or $140 a year.

The boys dared me to make a racing game...

The boys dared me to make a racing game...

I like Tektoma.  It is encouraging to see a child realize the amount of time and effort that goes into their hobbies, it’s a great encouragement for the child to spend their time wisely in their own efforts. I, for one, think that making a game and sharing it through email with family and friends is better than playing every other game that comes out this Christmas.

Good Christmas present from a cool relative? Definitely.

The link 1 more time:) Nick made a great platform game.

Please tell us if you play it and what you think!

To see what my TOS crewmates have to say, click here!

A 3 month subscription to Tektoma was provided to me for the purpose of my review. I received no compensation and I have expressed my unbiased opinion on this product.


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