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Heather —  January 4, 2012

*Please note that this post and the associated links are on a sensitive and adult topic*

During all the excitement of the New Year’s celebration, I spoke to someone who is a survivor of domestic abuse. I was careful to not mention the past, but my heart just chilled when I heard that the abusive ex-spouse had bought many Christmas gifts for the children.

Really, I thought? How about the true gifts of Christmas? How about peace, love, kindness, gentleness, patience…just for starters? Wouldn’t these be lovely gifts for a woman and her children to receive?

Oh, I wish this family could have both. But this family is the statistic. The one in four.

Did you know that ONE in FOUR women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime?

25% of women.

In many cases, this woman is actually grateful to get through a day and not be hurt, emotionally and physically.

I would think a New Year makes little difference to a lifestyle where you need to be brave just to face each day.

But what if the New Year could be filled with hope and peace?

I recently took the Brave Woman Pledge to help support other women. To reinforce my opinion that peace in their homes should not need to be only a dream. To show that I care about what happens behind closed doors. To point the way to find help and resources for those who battle just getting through the day.

I wish I could do more. But, this I can do!

Will you help?

Please take a look at the Brave Woman website and Take the pledge today  for 2012 and become a champion for yourself or for other women.


“That every woman and child will have the supportive resources they need to live without fear in their homes and see themselves as courageous victors, finally free from family violence.”

You can find many resources to help stop this cycle of violence. Below find just a few:

(Btw: The site has a little “x” on each page that you can click to make it “disappear” really quickly if you need to.)

You can find Brave Women online and on the  Brave Woman Facebook Page and on Twitter @Brave_Woman.

Remember: If you are in immediate danger or need help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. TTY number 1-800-787-3224.

*Join in a Twitter party on Tuesday, January 17th from 8:00-9:00 pm EST to support all brave women, using the hashtag #BraveWoman.

Want to Take the pledge and then do even more? See As the Bunny Hops for a great idea!

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5 responses to Take The Brave Woman Pledge this New Year #CBias #BraveWoman

  1. Heather, What an important topic to openly address! I’ve been in that position and have known many women how have been or are. Being brave enough to get out isn’t something every woman can do without help. I think every female should take this pledge. Additionally, women, especially college aged, should take a women’s self-defense course to help empower them not to be a victim. Blessings for doing this! April

    • Thanks, April! you are so right about teaching the younger women! And, i know you teach your sons to be gentlemen–I hope mine are, I am pretty sure they are:) I feel so sad for people who cannot have peace at home. That is what home should be!!

  2. It’s crazy because although I was in a relationship that endured domestic violence, I had never looked around and wondered if it was the woman standing next to me at the grocery store, sitting next to me at church or if it has/is another woman in my family. I now find myself looking around at women who seem to walk with their head down, look intimidated and are seeking help in their own way.
    This has opened my eyes to look for those who are screaming for help inside!

  3. It’s hard to stand face to face with someone who’s story is so tragic but taking the pledge and letting her know that you acknowledge her and her bravery is a beautiful thing!

  4. Wonderful post! Thank you so much for spreading the word about this so important cause and campaign!