Take a Green Step this Summer and Choose Cartons!

Heather —  June 20, 2012

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As mama, I am very concerned about caring for my family’s health. Because of this, we have been going green one step at a time. We began eating organic foods. We began using green cleaners. I started buying my children organic clothing. We began recycling more.

Today, I just realized another thing I can do that is green. Good for my family and good for the planet. And, it is super easy!

I can choose paper cartons over other types of packaging. Yes, it is that easy!

I read up on the benefits of using cartons on the Evergreen website www.choosecartons.com  

Here are some facts I like:

  • Cartons block UV light preserving the nutritional value of foods like milk.
  • Cartons are made from renewable materials – more than 70 percent of the carton is made from paper, all from trees from responsibly managed forests.
  • Pulp and paperboard is manufactured into cartons using 50% or more biomass fuel, a renewable energy source.
  • Reducing food and packaging waste with a great product- to-package ratio, an average of 94% product to only 6% package. So more of what you buy is product.
  • Cartons are recyclable where facilities exist. The paper fiber contained in cartons is valuable. Recycled cartons are used to make products such as tissue, office paper, wall boards and other building materials.  To learn if your community accepts cartons for recycling, please visit www.recyclecartons.com

This really makes a lot of sense, using a renewable resource and I love knowing that my shopping habits can make a difference.

And then I went on a fridge hunt, looking through my refrigerator and pantry to see what cartons I already use and what changes I could make.

inside of refrigerator

What’s In YOUR Fridge?

As I use a lot of local and organic products, I was glad to see I already had some cartons, like the buttermilk and cream! Some brands I like were already looking out for me, I suppose.


I noticed that my gallon of milk is always in plastic, rather than carton form. When I buy the half gallons, they come in paper cartons. I often have soymilk (although I was out) and that always comes in a paper carton.

I know I buy a lot of yogurt and kefir and that always seems to come in plastic packaging.

I do also seem to have most condiments in plastic or glass.

The frozen stuff all seems to be in paper packaging…

I would love to get more things in paper cartons. With my family of six, we go through groceries quickly and I like using cartons.

I believe most of the things in my fridge are recyclable. And, I looked up if paper carton recycling is available in my area, and the form said no, but actually, I always toss our paper cartons into our recycle bin and the recycling guys are picking mine up, so I will need to check on this.

So far, I have learned a lot lately about how to help my family AND my environment. I will be looking around the grocery store for more cartons when I shop tomorrow. Of course, at the farmer’s market, I use nothing, and that is good when possible:)

What Can you do?

Join in the conversation!  Every carton fact shared, via Twitter, using the hashtag #choosecartons will help raise money for Habitat for Humanity® Play the cart game, learn more about packaging and green living by visiting choosecartons.com! Follow @choosecartons on Twitter and via Facebook at facebook.com/choosecartons.


“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Evergreen and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”



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3 responses to Take a Green Step this Summer and Choose Cartons!

  1. I never knew cartons were green. Thanks for sharing that!

    We get our milk in bags but we no longer reuse those bags. Sigh. But here getting milk in cartons is almsot twice as expensive as getting it in bags, so I don’t think I’ll change over.

    I hope you and your family are well and enjoying the summer!

  2. Kids love making stuff – that’s ptrtey much a given – and they tend to be drawn toward nature, so why not put that passion to work on a project that’s truly for the birds: a milk carton bird feeder?

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