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hsbawards10-nominee125Thanks so much!! I have been nominated in the “Best Homeschool Mom” category in the Homeschool Blog Awards!

I appreciate the nomination…and my kids are enjoying this as well. I have gotten quite a bit of teasing this morning!

If you haven’t been by to check these awards out, you can click on the logo and go see what this is all about, and vote for some of your favorite blogs. I have seen many of my favorite bloggers represented over there and have already found a couple of new blogs I like.

And, if you have a minute–please vote for me! It will be fun to get some votes on my nomination from my friends and readers!

I wonder if there is a plaque I can put in the kids playroom?

As I sit at my computer, I realized that I love reading other people’s blogs more than writing my own. Truly, I started blogging this year and I already “follow” tons of wonderful blogs. The stories are amazing, the tips are fantastic and I can sign in and enjoy whenever I feel like it–and I do not even have to remember to return any books! While this is a good thing, I totally have to discipline myself to Blog first & read later…otherwise, I’m still reading and my photos and ideas are a distant memory:)

Today, I am going to join with Angie at Minivan Moments and participate in “Try it Tuesday” My try? It will be to blog before reading others blogs at least 3x a week. Thanks to all of the bloggers out there who make this fun!

PS: Look for my “Works for Me Wednesday” post tomorrow-I want to add some of my ideas for helping the kids have some fun in summer, while keeping your sanity:)