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Create and then work with your creations

Mega Bloks and the Blok Squad have a mission for kids ages 5 and up!

Build and then play, completing work “missions” and you are the hero. These new playsets from Mega Bloks are for your little builder who is looking for more of a challenge than micro and mini blocks and who have a little patience and curiosity.

The kit I got from Team Mom to review is the Blok Squad Construction Site Set. The value is great at $9.99. I have paid WAY more for building sets before and some of the details and plastic seemed a bit nicer, but again, $9.99? For a whole set? That is great. This particular set has 218 pieces-that is a lot of little pieces! But, for a building kid, it is a fun time.

These buildable playsets come with themes of everyday heroes like fire patrol, police, construction.

For this price, you can be a hero and so can your little one!

For more info about Blok Squad Playsets and — be sure to check out the family club (coupons and birthday promotions!) visit:

Available at Toys “R” Us, and Walmart, also online at, and

I received a Blok Squad playset for our review for Team Mom. I have received no other compensation and have given my honest opinion.

Go Play!

Heather —  October 8, 2010

It’s Cool! Time to Get Outside and Play!

I love Fall. We live in the Shenandoah Valley and we have so many great opportunities to do things like camping, cycling and hiking as a family. With many of our children in their teens, they are always coming and going…participating in sports, getting dirty, having fun.

As a homeschool mom who loves field trips and learns so much herself, I know play is an integral part of learning. I see my children learning while they run around on a nature hike—I love to watch their delight when they first see a butterfly close up, or wade through a creek and learn about tadpoles.

Play helps develop so many skills, and allows children to develop at their own pace, working through problems, learning to cope with setbacks, learning how to get along with one another. And, yes, good play can get messy–it seems to be almost a mathematical formula–the more fun they have, the dirtier my kids can get!

When my children were younger, I used to worry about them getting hurt and their clothes getting ruined–now that I realize how fast they grow up and how easy it is to clean up–well, now, I am much more relaxed.

So what got me thinking about this? Well, the cooler weather gets me outside more. And, I received a fun “Go Play” pack provided by Shout.

In honor of “Go Play,” Shout and Growing Tree Toys partnered on the pack. Growing Tree Toys offers many great learning toys, and the 52 Nature Activities card set is a perfect fit for Fall activities. We also got some great clean-up supplies, with products to handle our messiest play clothes. Personally, I had not heard of the color catcher and I like that, and I can always use the advanced stain remover.

When I took my daughter on a nature hike—she brought along her Nature cards and set to work making a Nature Crown. To be honest, she’s just not as messy as her brothers!

After a day of hiking and collecting flowers, she is tired and happy. Here is her finished product. She is so proud!

I think it is great that Shout has a Go Play initiative. Check out their facebook page to get some great play ideas for your family! I agree that “play can get messy” and parents should not have to worry about their clothes!

Thanks to Shout and Growing Tree Toys. I received an assortment of Shout products, along with the card set “52 Activities is Nature” from Shout for this review post.

Sunday Rest

Heather —  April 26, 2009

Whew. Today was a welcome break from events. Seems like I’m living from one event to another, always planning and “getting ready.” I am glad Sunday is a day of rest around here! (Thank you, Lord) We had a fabulous birthday party for Emma yesterday. She wanted all things dinosaur, and it was really fun. My husband came through at every turn, from picking up coffee from Starbucks for the adults to getting the veges for the “plant-eaters.”

I think I’ve learned a bunch of Dino facts:) Baskin Robbins did a great cupcake dinosaur diplodocus–with pink frosting!!! I need to write a thank you BR–it was awesome. and all the little palentologists really worked hard digging out “dinos” from the awesome dino dig site my oldest son made. (pics to follow) MY family is so gifted!! All Emma’s siblings helped with decorations. Jacqui drew dino prints to the house with chalk–turned out great & easy/cheap decorating:) My son son made a dinosaur songs/sounds soundtrack for the kids–not even sure how he did it, he is very tech savy! Chris did all the last minute decorations (and he even played extinction with the kids!) All in all, I am consistently amazed by how helpful the supposedly evil teenagers really are…

And…during the party, I had a blast! The women who stayed and visited while their kids played were great! I love it when people are relaxed & real (even when you have just met) and this was one of those perfect times!