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Shadow Gov Book

“Privacy is dead, deal with it”
– Scott McNealy former CEO of Sun Microsystems

Shadow Government by Grant R. Jeffrey is a 200 page warning on the invasion of our privacy. It goes to great lengths to let the reader understand who is surveilling, why they are and what the information will be used for. An alarming visual is painted of how much personal information slips through our fingers to be collected and stored when we use a debit card, surf the internet, give our social security numbers or Google search for “funny cat videos”. It’s a call for individuals to safeguard themselves and protect their identities from thieves and seemingly omnipotent rulers who conspire among evil and thinly veiled organizations, but the message does little to encourage hope in the battle.

It portrays that a bleak and Orwellian world is already upon us and there is little we can do to derail it. The writer’s intention seems to be to warn and to provide proof that wicked world leaders and evil forces are becoming capable of fulfilling their roles, as written in Biblical Old Testament warnings and the apocalyptic message found in the New Testament book of Revelations.

The reader will walk away knowing the enemies, their tools and how quickly they are using them to gain ground economically and politically. I’m reminded of one most memorable scene described in this book, the writer details a scene in the possible near future, of a thief standing in the street. He is using a device to read the RFID tags that have been implanted in unsuspecting civilians, (imagine a chip in your hand used to pay taxes or buy a coffee) the device tells the thief all manner of personal information and how much money his victims would be carrying.

This is a guest post by Andrew Quinn.

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Thanks to WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group, for providing this book for review.