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Mrs. R at the local Boys & Girls Club!

I little bit ago, I blogged here about the Champions for Kids Simple Service Project for January, The Abbott Nutrition Pack a Snack. This simple service project for this month is to create a snack pack and donate the pack to be used by a hungry child.

For example, you could create a little snack pack and drop it off at a food bank or pregnancy shelter. Or, something like starting a food drive at your work by simply placing a box in a corner of the break room and delivering it to a local Boys and Girls Club.

For this project I was hoping to go big, you know…start some wonderful giant project. I did not do that. I did do my one small thing, though, and I hope it was a blessing to some little children.

As Abbott is the sponsor, we hit WalMart to buy Pediasure, SideKicks and Zone Perfect bars to add some protein in our packs. You can see my shopping trip on my google+ album! Or, watch this slideshow:)

There really are tons of ways to help, and for me, the secret is in the “simple” message.

We all want to do tons, I know! But, with our own families and busy lives, it is hard. At least it is for me. But this concept of doing one small thing…with millions of people doing it…well, I can do that!

My family and I talked about what we would do. My daughter has volunteered at a local Boys and Girls club near our town, and she thought it would be very helpful to do something for the little children at that club. I was proud she was thinking about them and told my husband. He then mentioned how I really like to talk about nutrition and that we should do little healthy packs for the children, maybe let them decorate their packs with stickers and include activities.

We included some Pediasure, Zone Perfect bars, stickers and coloring sheets, word find...and organic lollipops for good measure!

Yes, my family is awesome! I loved my husband’s idea, so we went with that. We worked on this as a family and set up a dozen little packs for the k-1st graders and spoke with the Club director, Mrs. Regina. She was a love and was glad to do whatever to help, and said she’d love to do a little healthy class with the kids, let them design their bags and talk about proteins. She also said many of the kids could use the nutrition as this club serves a low income area.

My husband met with her and dropped off the packs and came home very content. He then mentioned that maybe we should try to get something started like the backpack program to help this B&G club. So, we’ll see where we go with this. I want to be careful not to overpromise, but I know my husband is already thinking about putting a donation box in his break room at work.

It seems so true, that once you notice something, you see it everywhere, and these simple service projects have made us, as a family, more aware of our surroundings.

Want to help? You can easily do a Simple Service Project in your town! Click here to see the Champions For Kids Simple Service Project page here.

Join in the Abbott/Champions for Kids Twitter party, January 19th at 9:00 pm EST.

Thank you, Champions for Kids and Abbott!

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