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We are excited that Christmas is almost here! My daughter, Emma, felt that everyone should know that you can Track Santa on Christmas Eve! So we are sharing this video:)

We have done this for several years and the kids always enjoy it! Thanks for reminding me, Lifehacker!

You can check out Lifehacker for more great details about ways to track Santa.

Also, check out Marine Corps Nomads for a sweet Polar Express Holiday Tradition!

Also, looking for YOUR perfect mix of Holiday music? I have fallen in love with Pandora radio.

While I am not posting much this season, I’ll be posting little bits of important things like how to track Santa, here and there:)

Merry Christmas to All!

Each year, as I look forward to our Christmas Traditions, I also try to incorporate new traditions. For our household, my husband and I celebrate Christmas with what we hope is a focus on Jesus’ birth. A few of the things we do include using Advent Calendar readings and candles in the evenings, preparing a Christmas Tree as a family, and even getting stockings and cookies and milk ready for Santa.

As mom, I do struggle sometimes with what traditions to include and focus on for my family and I am thrilled when an idea or activity really fits our family and helps us celebrate the Savior’s Birth.

When I read Ellen Nibali’s The Secret of St. Nicholas, I immediately felt that I had found a new tradition for us! This new book is based on a story of St. Nicholas’s life that many scholars believe to be true. I was delighted to find a story that imparts the joy of the Christmas Story of Christ’s birth, while also sharing some of the fun and tradition of St. Nicholas and his doing of good deeds “in secret.”

The watercolor illustrations are lovely and the hardback book is perfect for a special holiday gift book.

Yes, this one is a keeper!

Yes, this one is a keeper!

You can look inside the book, “The Secret of St. Nicholas” on the website. Also, read about the author, and take a Santa Claus survey…or, find lessons and study plans for The Secret of St. Nicholas. You can even order an autographed copy.

You can also purchase “The Secret of St. Nicholas” on Amazon–if you have Amazon Mom, you can get free, fast shipping!