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Gratitude Challenge

Heather —  November 4, 2010
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Today is Day 4

One of my quiet and faithful TOS crew leaders, Brenda, over at Garden of Learning, is doing a Gratitude Challenge for the month of November. I am pleased to join in and should be posting something I am grateful for each day.

For today, I am grateful that we are going on a homeschool field trip to Mt. Vernon tomorrow!

I meant to write something really profound today. So much for that. But, I really enjoy our homeschooling lifestyle and fieldtrips are really the icing on that cake. Last Spring, we went to Monticello on a homeschool field trip and had such a great time!

We have been studying the American Revolution and Emma is pretty impressed with General Washington in the Liberty Kids on Netflix…this should be fun. (Now wish me luck for the drive. I hate driving near D.C.!)

Join in the Gratitude Challenge

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Sailing north of Stuart Island

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Well, The OldSchoolhouse Crew (TOS) journey for 2010-2011 has begun!

You will be seeing crew homeschool reviews pop up this week and hopefully, be able to learn about some practical, useful and fun curriculum.

The crew journey last year was a blast. I got to try out tons of new learning products and meet lots of great people. To check out some reviews from last year or to see why we homeschool, you can click on my Homeschool Helps Tab. I can’t wait to see what I’ll be reviewing this year…

This time around, I am also a First Mate with a mini-crew! I’d love to welcome these ladies to the crew and introduce them to my readers. Please check out their blogs for homeschool advice and inspiration.

Here’s our mini-crew logo. We are using an old sailing term “Know the Ropes,” because all of the ladies on this mini-crew are veteran homeschoolers who will be wise reviewers….they do Know the Ropes!

April at  Heartfelt Homeschooling
Denise at  Light, Liberty and Learning
Kimberly at  Until The Day Dawn Weblog
Sarah at  Ahoy Maties, My Homeschool Crew Reviews and 212 Mom

Watch for our logo and some great ideas for you and your family!

Consider Yourself Tagged!

Heather —  June 27, 2009

Hello! Today I was thinking about what was fun about blogging…so far, I love meeting new people, getting ideas for my family and I totally get a kick out of free stuff & giveaways! If any of my friends have ideas on things to giveaway that might be fun that have to do with families, homeschooling, reading, arts, or household write me & let me know!

Meanwhile, I enjoyed reading a post by Karla @ Another Road to Ramble today–she got tagged!!:) So, I am playing…I need to list 6 little unimportant things that make me happy. So, here are 6 things that make me happy…

  1. lattes with my husband
  2. flowers in the house
  3. getting good mail
  4. using a body scrub
  5. having fresh lemon/honey for my tea
  6. dark chocolate… that’s really #1!

Please consider yourselves tagged! If you pass this on and list your 6 things, let me know.

Fabulous Finds!!

Heather —  April 30, 2009

As I look for new ideas for curriculum and fun learning experiences for my children, I keep finding fun stuff for…ME!! Really, the Lord is good…and funny.

Recently, as I was looking at The Old Schoolhouse products, I came across their new E-Book, HomeWork and their new line of WeE-books TM. I really enjoyed the reads!

Are any of you thinking of working from home? If so, The E-book, HomeWork, Juggling Home Work & School Without losing your Balance is a must have. Packed full of advice and inspiration for anyone interested in running a home business, the ebook is 95 pgs. The stories are funny and heart-warming throughout…and written by homeschooling moms in businesses from recycling jeans to computer network management! I loved the format of the book–it had personal stories as well as a bunch of resource sections, full of website links and further information.

This book really highlit the fact that there are sooo many ways to live, homeschool and work, and all can be offered up to the Lord. I loved one of the quotes from Jill Novak of Remembrance Press, “your products should be an outflow of the work that the Lord is doing in your life.” Truly, reading this E-book is like having coffee with a friend who is telling you all her business secrets! Great, easy read. Worth your time!

After that big read, I was tickled to find the WeE-book TM line. Each of these are real reasonable at $1.95 and vary in length. From the thirty available, I first chose A Light Unto My Path, by Donna Rees. This 23 pg ebook is a sweet, simple, studyguide with copywork included. This is wonderful to have at my fingertips for a sunny day for myself and the children!

A New Beginning, by Pat Marcum, was a 16 pg. serious look at the dangers of public education and a support for parents who are choosing to go forward with homeschooling. This would be perfect to share with your friends who are tentative about beginning to homeschool.

I thoroughly enjoyed my next choice–Homeschooling The Rebel, Part 1, by Deborah Wuehler. I myself have a “rebel” and found this to be chock full of specific helps, further resources and God’s word. The writer is down to earth, clear, and concise. I loved this one! I am definitely getting Part 2!!!!!

Take a look for yourself at: