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Polly Pocket Playset

Christmas is coming….

My daughter enjoys this type of toy. While playing she is in a little pretend land, ruler of the Polly Pockets! I like overhearing her, enjoying imaginative play.

This is the second play Set we have looked at with Christmas coming up and this one does not have the new suction cups on the bottoms of the dolls and some play items. I did like those because the dolls stay up. Yet this one has a spot to tuck the Polly’s feet into so she stands. That works too. Each set has a number of little things to do, so that’s nice. The pet one seemed to really engage my daughter. I liked all the little pets and treats.

This one folds up somewhat but not entirely into a case. I would love if they would totally fold up into themselves. But this stays together pretty well and keeps all the little pieces inside.

I think this is a cute gift for a little girl from about 6-11.

You can see all the sets on the Polly Pocket website:

We also got a CD with some Polly Pocket short clips. You can see these and play on the site as well. I was a bit worried that the clips show unrealistic roller skating. Hopefully, kids realize they don’t need to go that fast? My daughter however, put her skates on and went to skate.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.”

Lately, the evenings have been longer and the sun seems to sparkle brighter! Spring is around the corner…and not a minute too soon!

Although I like to say “I am not your activities director,” the truth is that during the cold, drab days of winter my children depend on me to encourage them use their imaginations. Little ones do need to know that the warm sun and gorgeous flowers of Spring are coming!

One thing my girls have always loved is playing picnic. In the Spring and Summer it is an uninhibited game played all over the yard with bits of flowers and juice as the main meal.

Today, we must create our warmth in the house…for hand-drawn flowers and berries and little treats are just a taste of things to come!

So, today, I asked my youngest to play Spring with me. She agreed that her dolls were in need of a picnic. So, I had a bit of quiet as she “set” everything up. Then, I pulled out some yogurt, blueberries, Cheerios, whipped cream, some small cookies and sprinkles!

What an easy game for mom~I relax while my daughter gets to show off how she can cook! At five, she has no trouble coming up with a yummy handcrafted Blueberry Cheerio Parfait and some Cream Pies (just little cookies with a bit of whipped cream on top)

The best part? She is so proud of herself and full of lovely thoughts of Spring and picnics. She offered to make more for dinner!

Sometimes the nicest things are the simplest!

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