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hc-logoI am so pleased and excited to be participating in The Easy Organic Living Program! This is a fun series of Organic Challenges that are co-hosted by Healthy Child Healthy World (HCHW) and Baby Center and the sponsor is Stonyfield.

You can join me in taking one or more of four challenges over the next month and a half. From what I have already seen and learned so far from the program hosts and other participants, I know you will learn a ton about organic living and …you may even win a tote bag full of organic treats!

Today, I’ll be sharing the first challenge. Soon, I will tell you how I am doing.

3/9 CHALLENGE: Save a dollar here, Shift a dollar there

Organic living is healthy living and you don’t need a bigger budget to start buying organic. Protect your family by taking simple steps that have a big impact. Invest in health!

Your challenge:
For a full week, make a conscientious effort to save money by using some of the tips below. Then shift your savings to organics!

Buy in bulk and save up to $500 a year!

Eat your leftovers. According to the USDA, 14 percent of all the food that we buy ends up in the trash, adding up to almost $600 thrown away each year.

Opt for water. Instead of grabbing soda or juice, drink what’s freely available from the tap. You could save up to $200 per year or more.

Choose whole chicken. Save up to $600 per year by choosing whole chicken instead of boneless skinless breasts.

Buy fruits and vegetables when they’re in season. You can save up to $130 or more per year by shifting to seasonal produce (i.e., apples in the winter, plums and nectarines during the summer).

Eat less meat. If you were to cut meat out of your diet once a week and replace it with a vegetarian option, you could save about $250 per year for a family of four.

Find more tips here and learn more at Shift Your Habit!

After a week, estimate your savings and shift the money to organic food.

How your family will benefit from this challenge:
• You’ll save money.
• You’ll shift your budget to support healthier living.
• Your family won’t ingest potentially harmful ingredients found in non-organic products.

Share your experience!
Your story can help inspire others to live healthier! Please share your tips and trials. Here’s how:

  • Talk about it on Facebook. Share a story about this challenge using @healthychildhealthyworld and/or @stonyfield.
  • Tweet about it. Use the #ezorganic hashtag to give a quick example, tip, or link.


This post is part of the Easy Organic Living program co-hosted by Baby Center and Healthy Child Healthy World and sponsored by Stonyfield. For participating, I will receive a tote bag of organic products and I will be giving away an additional bag of organic products.

If you participate in this challenge, please let me know!