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Motor Oil Matters Oil Change Checklist

Motor Oil Matters Oil Change Checklist

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I grew up with a Dad who did most of his own work on the cars and when I got to driving age, some dinner table conversations revolved around Dad tips.

“Don’t ever drive with the car registering hot.”

“Check your tire pressure especially before a trip.”

“Keep your gas above half, so the old crummy gas isn’t dragged through your engine,”

 “Learn what kind of oil your car needs and how to read the dipstick.”

“Don’t go into shady auto places.”

Yes, those are just a few of my Dad’s tips. Haha! I love that guy. I always did use each bit of information sometime as I grew up.

I like knowing how to take care of my car. I want to be an educated consumer and I don’t want to have to trust someone who may be taking advantage of me and my money when I get auto work done.

Even with changing the oil. A cheaper “deal” may be more expensive, because you may not be getting quality motor oil and the type needed for your car. All Motor oil is NOT the same or equal. Your auto manual will list what type oil you should use.

This new MOM program tells you much of what you should know when you get an oil change.

MOM, a new consumer education and industry watchdog program by the American Petroleum Institute, was founded to stress the benefits of quality licensed motor oils and call onto the carpet those who engage in deceptive practices.

This Summer alone, I have gone on several driving trips by myself with the kids and I am always relieved when I pull into my destination with no troubles. Of course, doing routine maintenance helps ensure fewer surprises! In fact, AAA expects between the major summer holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day to aid over eight million motorists, and cautions drivers that auto maintenance is key to avoiding summertime travel breakdowns.

The experts at Motor Oil Matters (MOM) want to offer you a $50 gift card toward your next oil change! (US residents only)


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What questions should you ask at your next oil change? MOM has provided this checklist. Take a look and even print it out to take with you on your next oil change. An empowered consumer is a SMART consumer.

Here are a few links that you may find helpful:

Motor Oil Matters website, Facebook Page and Twitter.

“The Motor Oil Matters information and a gift card for me for an oil change and a gift card for a reader has been provided by Motor Oil Matters.”

Top Ten Kids Apps Around Here

Heather —  June 15, 2010

This morning, My daughter was trying to get me to play Doodle Jump on my itouch. I said, no, as I usually do–because, well, I’m doing the dishes. She was so crestfallen and announced that:

“I really should try it, it was so easy peasy.”

I just looked at her. When did my baby begin to use that expression? And, also, how does she think all these complicated, quick moving games are easy and relaxing? Obviously her Father’s child. I think I am the last one in the house to avoid playing video games, whether on the Wii or itouch…or the phones…they are everywhere!

I began avoiding video games when my now 23 year old got his first Sega at age 5. That was Christmas 1992. And he was always asking me to play. I already knew playing these games gave me no joy. Just not my thing. Give me a book!

But, I love to watch them play the games. I am astounded by how quickly they can jump and shift and save the princess! I love listening to the music as Sonic catches his rings…and the Zelda soundtrack is absolutely amazing.

The creativity in some of these games blows my mind. I do think video games can be enlightening as well as entertaining. There are all kinds of new types of little games and applications coming out as I sit here. One I got for my daughter the other day actually has a little piano keyboard on the screen…that you can play. So wild that they can do that.

By now, you are probably thinking that about 90% of the apps on my iTouch are kids apps–and you’d be correct. I love my iTouch for a few of the Apps. I check my gmail and facebook the most, and my reader…maybe check Fandango for movie times… Gosh, that’s boring! But, it works to save me time. That is what I use it for …to save time, not to find stuff to do.

Now, my kids, on the other hand, have found all kinds of not boring things to do on my iTouch. I noticed the other day that they have all been creating their own pages of apps! We have had and deleted tons of free apps. The ones that have stuck around for awhile I have added below. Obviously, this list is from my daughter’s app pages (she is 5, but with three big brothers, she’s pretty quick with an app) But, the older ones like doodle jump and scoops as well.

Here are some of their favorites:

Doodle Jump. This is free. Adorable and fun. My 5 yr. old to 15 yr. old like it.

Scoops. Again. Free. Silly, fun catching of scoops of things from ice cream to burgers. Perfect

Tap Fish. Free! and Fun kids can take care of their fish tanks, buy and sell, etc

Word Girl .99. Not free. But, we love word girl. As usual, WG saves the day with vocabulary. I figure it can’t hurt.

Angelina Ballerina .99 Again, not free. But my little ballerina loves this one.

Make me a Princess. Free and fun–click and paste dress up

Just Me and My Dad 3.99 The highest price I’ve paid for an App. But I Love Mercer Mayer and we have played his computer games before, so I knew there would be a good storyline and fun things to click and find. I was still surprised how MANY things you can click and find in the app. Impressive. As always, I am pleased with Mercer Mayer. Also, love the story family themes in this one. I hope they come out with more soon. How about the Smelly Mystery, Mercer Mayer?? (PS, they do have a free version, but it just has a teeny bit of content–check it out)

Fairies Fly free or 4.99. I got the free and my daughter used her allowance to upgrade. She seems impressed with this one. I just see Disney marketing….

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Storybook Piano .99 This one is new and neat. I was surprised to see my app screen transformed into a piano! This is great for young children. I hope they will add an upgrade for one thing–a screen where the child is prompted to learn the key letter as they play the song. Fun and different.

Almost all of the free apps I listed do have additional levels/content that you can purchase. But, I listed these free ones because they have lots of content for free. But, Moms be careful to set your app store passwords so you need to put in your password before your kids can add stuff. I was shocked when my then 4 year old managed to make an app store purchase. The kid knew my password! I just had not yet told her that buying stuff with the password was wrong!

Anyway, we have more apps we like, but that’s enough for me today:) Hope you see a new one to try! And…if you know of some great apps, please let me know–I could use some tricks up my sleeve for Summer!!

mom_shadowGIVEAWAY CLOSED Start saving by winning my $35 Jiffy Lube Card Giveaway!!

I know a lot of my readers try to save money by getting freebies and clipping coupons…in all kinds of ways. Taking care of my car in order to save money is something I rarely think about. When I was single I did pay more attention to my car! My husband likes to take care of me, taking care of the auto stuff…and I have no problem letting him. But, I’m just saying… the fact is, my husband may not be around when I have to make car decisions…or he may be busy…and, hey, I went to college—I should know how to take care of an important investment. My car.

So save money—and be safe by paying attention to some simple car maintenance tips. And, I  also want to say, I bet many of you already do this, so enjoy the giveaway and excuse my car laziness.

To enter to win, check out the web site You can find out how quality motor oils can help prolong your engine´s life and improve overall efficiency. Play  “M.O.M. Knows Best” where you can put your motor mind to the test with an interactive quiz!

I also was able to interview Jody DeVere. Jody is the President of the Women’s Automotive Association International and CEO of the auto-advice site Here’s her take on some common car questions:

1. How and how often do you check your oil?

Follow the service interval schedule recommended by the manufacturer to the letter of the law! Understand what products are being put into your vehicle, the life blood of your car is your motor oil so service with a high quality motor oil like Pennzoil or Quaker State.

2. What can happen if you put the wrong fluid/don’t change the oil enough

Changing your oil to meet your vehicles specification is the key to the survival of your vehicle. Using high-quality motor oil is also vital to protecting your investment. If major engine damage occurs from the use of motor oil that does not meet the manufacturers specifications, rebuilding or replacing an engine can cost between $1,500 to $3000, or more.

3. How do you know which oil is best for your car?

Your owner’s manual is a great place to start. Know that motor oil is a high-tech product that performs a critical role within the engine; its quality matters. has a feature which can be found here: which helps you chose the best oil for your car and driving habits.

5. What is the number one thing you tell women about car maintenance?

Knowledge is power, so the more we know as women, the better we position ourselves to make informed decisions as opposed to being given random direction. There are great resources to become more car savvy:, and

Thanks, Patty!

I have to admit, I gave my gift card to my son. But, I actually felt empowered, having a useful gift for him that would keep him safe!

So, the $35 Jiffy Lube gift card giveaway! *This should cover most of the cost, if not all, of a conventional oil change at most Jiffy Lube locations.

Mandatory Entry:

Tell me what you scored on the M.O.M. Knows Best game…OR, tell me a funny story about a car problem that happened to you. (For example, I learned when I was 17 not to drive a car hot…because my engine was totaled when I did!)

Additional Entries: (please leave a separate comment entry for each thing you do)

I will chose a random winner on June 15. The winner will be notified by email. (So please leave me a way to contact you in your entries!)

This information and giveaway have all been provided by Shell Lubricants and Jiffy Lube through MyBlogSpark. I have given my unbiased opinion on this information.