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Bite Size Brunch

From a Mother’s Day celebration to a weekend brunch with friends to a springtime gathering, eggs are a tried and true favorite ingredient.

Did you know that sometimes even Moms can be wrong?

Seriously! Well, not My Mom of course, I am referring to me. When I first began our family quest to eat only whole, natural and organic foods, I did not realize that some of the tried and true brands I had used in the past would still work for us.

A perfect example includes Land O Lakes. Until I sat down and really looked at their website I was unaware of how many nutritious options they carry for eggs.

In fact, right around the corner at my local grocery store I am able to purchase Land O Lakes® All-Natural Organic Eggs. The price is reasonable and oh so convenient. And, I feel great about serving my family eggs, which are full of protein and no animal by-products, no antibiotics and no chemical additives. A few other options, such as Land O Lakes® All-Natural Eggs pictured, are available as well.


So, now I want to celebrate! How about a Mothers Day Celebration with an Egg Inspired Party?

(Yes, those burned eggs your kids make you for Mothers Day are priceless, but let’s talk about some delicious Brunch choices that you can serve at any time of day, really.)

A Spring Menu with the bite size nutritious treats below, simple, vibrant fresh flowers and some colorful drinks make a perfect Mothers Day Brunch.

I was recently visiting family and I tried out some of the inspiring recipes I found for adorable bite size egg dishes. Really, they were all so easy to make and lasted well, and the kids felt good…not all full of sugar!

Breakfast mini bites

Breakfast Biscuit Bakes smell sooo good!

I strongly believe that fresh, quality products will make delicious meals. I am glad to see Land O Lakes offering these eggs!

I tried the following recipes, with a few small adaptations (for example, I just used my own homemade biscuit dough). All are available on the Land O Lakes website:

All the mini bites plate so well, also!

breakfast Biscuit Bakes plated

Such pretty little bites!

For some sweet ideas for decor and maybe dessert, visit the Land O Lakes test kitchen.

Want to win an amazing Egg Brunch Pack?? Look at this!

Spring Brunch Prize Pack

A premium gift package (valued at more than $100) including an On-Ice Deviled Eggs Server, Mini Muffin Tin, Two-Tier Server with Plates.

Okay. So enter via rafflecopter below. Good luck!
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Deep Tissue Massager

After a day of playing Tennis, this Massager Works Wonders

So what makes Mom happy around here? From my title of this post, you may think a good backrub. And that is true.

But what also makes me happy is having my husband and kids feel good.

In our home, we have a bunch of athletes! From the littlest up, we spend time going to Soccer matches and Tennis things all the time. I feel really bad for the kids when they are sore and tired. What can we do to help ourselves have a nice massage?

It was very fun to be able to pull out the Wahl massager I received to review and see if it helped me and my family feel better.

It definitely did. I heard things like “wow, this is nice, where are we keeping it?” and “can I try it, this is awesome.” My teenagers were very impressed.

After a long day for both my husband and myself, I asked him to help me judge the one I have, the Deep-Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager. Created to specifically relieve pain and fatigue, this massager has four attachments with differing massage effects.

I have the:

  • Four Finger Flex attachment – for more of a human touch
  • Accupoint Attachment – targets and pinpoints problem areas
  • Raised Bump Attachment – wide surface for all over muscle massage
  • Deep Muscle Attachment – all-over general use
wahl massager

this has helped with sore shoulders

My daughter really likes the overall deep muscle attachment. Nothing fancy–just relief.

I personally really like the Raised Bump Attachment. This was super relaxing without poking me. (I am very sensitive) I found the massager nice. I wish it was a little lighter for me, but I like that I can control the speed and pressure. I do have some chronic fatigue issues and when I am tired out, it is hard to even hold a massager. I was glad this made it easy for my husband to help me feel better. I do feel guilty asking for massage all the time.

My husband, likes the four finger flex and the deep muscle attachments. He was very happy to get a massage even though I was tired out!

And that is the key thing for me. This is a great tool to help everyone in my house feel better, without me having to work super hard.

I also have heard things about massage being good for lowering inflammation (which I do have) I am curious to learn more about this and very hopeful that I can get some benefit from this hand held massager—obviously massage sessions are pricy. This seems like a good option.

In honor of Mothers Day, do you know a Mom who could benefit from a nice massager??

If you do, take a look!

•   Beginning April 26 and running through May 13, those who like Wahl Home on Facebook can nominate a mom to win a mom relief package from Wahl, whether it’s your mom, grandmother, wife, daughter, a friend or yourself.
•   To enter the Mom Relief Initiative, simply post a comment explaining why the mom on your list deserves relief—maybe they’re a single mom who does it all, a working mom who never takes a break, a grandmother who’s always been there…every mom has a story and every story matters.
•   Entries will be judged on their uniqueness and sincerity and the winners will be selected once the contest wraps up on May 13. Stories MUST be submitted before then in order to be considered.

For more on the health benefits of massage visit This online resource  discusses chronic pain management methods.

I received a Wahl Deep Tissue Massager as a member of MamaBuzz in exchange for my honest review.

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