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Polly Pocket Playset

Christmas is coming….

My daughter enjoys this type of toy. While playing she is in a little pretend land, ruler of the Polly Pockets! I like overhearing her, enjoying imaginative play.

This is the second play Set we have looked at with Christmas coming up and this one does not have the new suction cups on the bottoms of the dolls and some play items. I did like those because the dolls stay up. Yet this one has a spot to tuck the Polly’s feet into so she stands. That works too. Each set has a number of little things to do, so that’s nice. The pet one seemed to really engage my daughter. I liked all the little pets and treats.

This one folds up somewhat but not entirely into a case. I would love if they would totally fold up into themselves. But this stays together pretty well and keeps all the little pieces inside.

I think this is a cute gift for a little girl from about 6-11.

You can see all the sets on the Polly Pocket website:

We also got a CD with some Polly Pocket short clips. You can see these and play on the site as well. I was a bit worried that the clips show unrealistic roller skating. Hopefully, kids realize they don’t need to go that fast? My daughter however, put her skates on and went to skate.

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Every young boy dreams of being like their favorite hero.  I’ve seen my sons pretend to be soldiers, firemen, doctors.  They reached for whatever was in their toy box and take off on another adventure.   Mattel has introduced a new line of toys associated with the Green Lantern that will help encourage your son’s imagination.

Green Lantern Colossal Cannon

They provided me with a Green Lantern Colossal Cannon and action figure, Isamot Kol.  When the kids saw the toys, they were excited.  The packaging was very eye catching, and they could pull the trigger and hear the Colossal Cannon fire before we got it out of its box.  The cannon came with 10 plastic discs and a lot of cool lights and sounds.  They really enjoyed chasing each other around and shooting the “bad guys”.  I liked the fact that you could mute the sound—as that did get a little old after a while—and the discs didn’t fly too fast (i.e. no one getting hurt by the flying objects).

The action figure was an alien that came with a trap (looked like an old style bear trap)  and a Green Lantern power ring.  Frankly, the alien creature was pretty scary looking.  The boys picked it up and played with it a little, but it had limited mobility and  no real accessories besides the trap.   The power ring turned out to be popular.  They enjoyed wearing it and using its mysterious powers (i.e. whatever they could come up with for it to do).

Overall, the experience the boys had with these two toys was mixed.  Honestly, the action figure fell flat.  Aside from the lack of mobility and accessories, I didn’t like the alien character.  Its appearance was too scary for a young child.  On the other hand, The Colossal Cannon was a definite hit.

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