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Heather —  February 3, 2012

Do you find yourself looking for ways to drill in math that your kids will enjoy? I am constantly looking for ways to make this necessary reinforcement seem like fun for my youngest student! I was glad to try MathRider. Check out this math facts game that offers students races and quests and tracks their progress, using computer intelligence to adjust to their needed level as they practice.

Em really enjoys racing “her” horse and does very well doing timed addition and subtraction with this game. We do have several math fact type games and what she likes most about this one is having her horse and being able to do the quests, where she takes her horse on a journey and completes math questions to move on and complete her quest. The game has several quests and I would like to see even more , as she likes that portion of the game so much.

The game does track her progress and adjusts the questions to fit what she needs. There is quite a bit of background “code” so that the game can track her progress and intuitively advance her. It is easy for a parent and student to see how they are doing, through incentives like point bonuses, time bonuses, quest progress, progressively animated rewards and a comprehensive statistics screen.

I think the graphics are adorable and the sounds are very pleasant. Visit MathRider to learn more and get a FREE trial! Right now, the software is on sale for $37.

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I received a Trial download of Math Rider through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.