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As a homeschool Mom, I really appreciate creative people. It is so easy to get into a rut just using textbooks and such all the time. Especially, if you are not super creative. Which is what I am. Not a fun maker. I know this because my Mom, a veteran teacher and my husband somehow always make schooling fun. (In contrast to me). I am the meat and potatoes person I guess!

Haha, but kids DO need to have both. The creative, fun lessons catch their imaginations and give them motivation to do the required learning, which may be repetitive.

Thankfully, I have found many creative curricula for my kids since I am their main teacher. I have some old favorites and every day seems to bring some new ideas. I recently got card game that teaches fractions, called Fractazmic.

It’s a sneaky, fun way to reinforce math!

My daughter is actually too young for this one. I tried to mess around with the rules, but she is just not ready.  I did play it with my husband and son though, and I think it is a great concept and one that will come in handy when Em reaches a bit more readiness to do fractions, probably this Spring.

If the deck had simpler fractions (didn’t include like 12ths) I think we could do it. But, she also gets frustrated easily, so I want to be cautious to not push her. My serious child!

For children ages, say 7 to 14, I think this is a terrific way to get some practice with fractions, and in numbers and measurement.

The cards are playful and cute, with little ant character graphics that my kids thought were funny.

What’s included in Decks:

  • 60 Math Learning Cards
  • Each card clearly numbered
  • Each card clearly labeled with the fraction and reinforcing graphic.

This is a 2-4 person game. As always, I recommend playing with your child—that always makes them so happy!

Go look at the site with the fraction game online. You can even win a free set of the cards!

Now, this company makes several really fun card games for students. Take a look at what they have available to spice up your Spring Semester schedule!

Fractazmic retails for 6.95. Go check these out—whether you are a homeschooler or just want to play.

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I received Fractazmic through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.

Math Mammoth Review

Heather —  November 14, 2011

And it is wonderful!

Right from the beginning, I want to stress that I like using Math Mammoth Light Blue Series for Grade 1. I find this Math curriculum to be very straightforward and complete, easy to teach and very affordable.

The author of the curriculum, Maria Miller, is herself a homeschool mother and a trained Math teacher. While reading her website and watching some of her videos, I was impressed with her way of making the math concepts clear—so much so, that I subscribed to her math blog.

Em and I have had lots of fun playing some of her math games.

Anyway, on the Math Mammoth website, you will see tons of materials and options to purchase. I highly recommend reading through the site very well and signing up for the 7-day virtual email tour around Math Mammoth. Signing up for that helped me to sort through everything available and decide which curriculum was the best option for my child.

After giving my daughter a placement test from the site, I chose and began the grade 1, Light Blue Series complete curriculum.

The Light Blue Series is mastery oriented, so we will spend a long time on each topic, and focus on understanding the underlying math concepts. Using the worktext format, with the workbook and teaching text combined means there is very little teacher preparation. I can skim easily and discuss with Em what she needs to do. As she can read, she often just goes ahead and gets it done unless she has a question.

She is very open to completing the work, so it is definitely working for her. I find that having less teacher prep time is making me play more math games with her. I think we are both enjoying math more. We tend to do about 3-4 pages per day, as she is somewhat familiar with the content in part A. I expect to slow down a bit when we get to Part B. But overall, she likes working quietly on the colorful pages. Here is an example of how the teaching flows into the problems to do on each page:

This curriculum, at $34 for the download set I received, includes a full curriculum, student worktexts A & B, answer key for each, chapter tests and an end-of-year test, cumulative reviews, and an easy worksheet maker (Internet access required) to make extra practice worksheets when needed.

The main topics during first grade are the concepts of addition and subtraction, addition and subtraction facts within 0-10, and place value till 100. Other topics studied are clock to the half hour, measuring length in inches and centimeters, shapes, and coins.

You can see samples here:

1-A contents and samples

1-B contents and samples

Options for purchase include buying full set curriculum downloads, or break this up and purchase a semester at a time. You can also buy the curriculum on CD or in regular printed format. As of November 2011, the pdf’s included in the download version are also enabled for annotation, so you can have your student fill in on the computer and save paper if you like. You can see prices here.

And at the end of the semester, this is a little perk for her!

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I received the download of The Light Blue Series Grade 1 through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.