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Just a quick note for the teacher in you:) A few fun things showed up in my email this morning! I love free stuff that is also good stuff!


1. Staples. The yearly “Teacher Appreciation Day” is coming! If you are a registered teacher (this includes homeschoolers with ID) they will be giving away gift bags (to first 100 each store) and have other information and specials. A $10 off $50 coupon is also available. Check the site for the date for your state. Ours is August 15th!


2. Usborne Books is offering their “Get Started with Usborne” Kit for only $15 until August 10th. This is crazy! For that you get the starter kit, well–here in their words:

“Join our team this August, and you will receive 10 of our most popular titles, a set of business supplies, including OrderPro (our electronic ordering program), and a 6 month eCommerce Consultant Web Site.” After the 10th, the price increases, but is still less than the usual price. I assume they are getting ready for school. Anyway, I am suspicious of anything that costs money to start…but I have heard good things about this and for $15 you get 10 Usborne books…go here to check it out. I want to do, but I’m moving so I’m not sure about it yet. I have til 8/10!


3. And last, but cetainly not least, Kidthing is at it again! I love this little ereader, game player, etc. I guess their “Summer Sizzles” promos are ending, but looks like they will continue to send freebies for the kids! Today’s freebie is a Back to School animated book, “First Day Jitters” it is available in English and Spanish. (This is also for teachers–homeschoolers go get them:) Enter the code: ktcode-NEA5RAA, in the search space on the Store homepage.

Kidthing 4th of July Fun

Heather —  July 4, 2009

Just wanted to send a quick note about Kidthing. As part of their “Summer Sizzles” they are doing a 4th of July Celebration theme with 4 free items you can get instantly downloaded to your desktop reader:)

So if you are looking for some downtime after the swimming, bbq ing, etc this should be just the thing to surprise your kids! (the July 4th one ends July 5th, but they are running specials all summer)

Works For Me Wednesday

Heather —  June 24, 2009

Good Afternoon! When I checked my email earlier, I knew what I wanted to do for WFMW…

I wanted to tell about this downloadable digital media player with a book reader, games, and videos.
It is called KidThing (R). I am using this with my 4 year old, but my older kids like to play as well, so I think it would probably be fun for a child from 3-12.

I originally found it through a teacher link and I do like it–while there is a lot of stuff available to do online, such as, netflix, etc, I like this KidThing (R), because you can go find stuff to do with your child online, and then download it and they can play themselves offline.

You can download their player and purchase a book or two, some games, etc. The prices are reasonable in my opinion–although, most of the stuff we have gotten, we got for free!! (Actually, they are new and seem to be doing a bunch of promotions, so I watch their site once in a while, and go check to see what is offered free).

So far, we’ve gotten two Dr. Seuss books and tons of little addition and word games. Right now, they are doing a promotion for summer and giving away a couple of games…So, go download your KidThing (R) App and then go to their store page and use this code: KTPROMO-SUMMERFUN–this code should work thru June 28th (I just used it to get 4 items (2 games, 1 video worth $9 for free.) You can get to the “KidThing” here:

PS: I have enjoyed this but it is relatively new & I did notice it is not available yet for Mac.

PSS: Yes, actually reading with your child is better, but letting the computer read to your child while you make dinner can be ….priceless….sometimes:)