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British Soccer Camps

Heather —  February 25, 2015

British Soccer Camp

As we recently moved into a new area, my world is a bit upside down right now. And, while I am figuring out what activities are available for my kids at the moment, the Summer Camp programs and registrations are all popping up already! I know many camps fill up quickly, so I am sifting through some things, trying to come up with some plans for Summer.

One thing that caught my attention was the British Soccer Camp. Em has played Soccer for a few years and always enjoys it, so I think we will try this out. There appear to be camps for all ages, nationwide, and the prices look very reasonable. I am really looking forward to reviewing this opportunity.

Check it out:

British Soccer

British Soccer Camp is the most popular camp in North America – 150,000 campers! With an innovative curriculum that develops skills, speed and confidence in players ages 3-18, British Soccer Camps provide boys and girls with the rare opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international expert’s right in the heart of their own community. In addition to teaching new skills and improving game performance, each British Soccer Camp provides lessons in character development, cultural education and is the most fun your child can have learning the sport they love!

Enroll your child in a British Soccer Camp today and receive a Free British Soccer Jersey – Sign up during Early Registration and we will immediately ship you a great looking British Soccer Jersey! PLUS – enter code FMG15 and we will include a bonus Challenger water bottle.


*I will receive a promotional item in return for posting about British Soccer Camp.

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I have been on a party planning kick. With both my girls old enough to be a big help, I am enjoying throwing a party here and there! Still, I am apprehensive about party planning. I did not get that gene. I like to write, but three dimensional creations worry me. (And that’s putting it nicely).

So, I need all the help I can get to create a special yet not super pricey bash here and there. Enter, “Birthday in a Book: The Complete Party Planning Guide and Toolkit,” by Angie Morrissey.

Angie is one of those amazingly crafty, creative genius people, and through her book series, she is sharing her secrets as she walks the reader through the entire party planning process!

Princess Tea Party

I got to review her ebooks on the Princess Tea Party and Mad Scientist Party this Summer.

Mad Scientist Party

I was thrilled to see these because my niece is almost to the tea party age and my nephew is a mad scientist and should be very impressed with his Aunt Heathers ideas for his next party.

Angie says that “Each book has everything you need to create a themed, on budget, kids birthday party. You can pick and choose which parts of the party theme you want to do based on your time and resources.” And I agree from what I see.

Features of the book series include:

  • PRINTABLES included for invitations, party décor, costumes and more!
  • DIY step-by-step instructions for crafts so you can recreate the party or use the ideas for other celebrations or events. (I just used a few of her Princess Tea Party recipes and ideas during another party I had for my daughter.)
  • Tips and tricks and detailed illustrations that take the guesswork out of party planning.
  • Budget friendly style and philosophy.
  • Buy It directory so that the parties can easily be recreated.

There are 7 chapters in the Princess Tea Party Book, with around 62 pages of detailed directions. Truly detailed! Look at some of the beautiful things you can make:

Princess Tea Party

You’ll see ideas for everything from invitations to party games, from table décor to full menus with recipes.

I especially like the tablescapes, costumes, printables and full recipes. And, if you do not want to make something, she offers online links and suggestions on where to buy that item. Another unique part of her book is her “little Helper” sections, where Angie mentions ways the kids can help with their party, making it so much more meaningful to them!

The Mad Scientist Party is hilarious!

Mad Scientist Party


This book follows a similar format and has tons of fun experiments, like Egg in a Bottle, Slime, and Erupting Volcano the kids can do while dressed up in their lab coats. Need security badges? Angie’s got them. Cool.

There are more themes coming up! I’m waiting with excitement to see her Owl Sleepover Party (we are SO doing that).

  • Mad Scientist and Princess Tea Party – Available Everywhere eBooks Are Sold
  • Superhero and Owl Sleepover – August 2013
  • Over the Rainbow and Dinosaur Dig – September 2013
  • Camping and Under the Sea – October 2013

* Paperback books of the entire series will be available at all major bookstores and are scheduled for release in spring 2014.

Go check it out on Facebook and Twitter, and visit the Birthday in a Book website!
This was really fun and I bet you’ll enjoy taking a look. Plus, Angie even shares party photos, printables and sometimes giveaways on her site.


kids water table

Getting Spring Fever with all this good weather??

I am! If you want to get some fun outdoor toys for your little ones to celebrate Spring, Step2 has a sale for you!

For example, through Monday, the Shady Oasis Sand & Water Play Table pictured above is on sale for $54.99 with coupon code S2SH312 at checkout ($15 off the original price).

And today through Monday, April 2 — All Step2 items ship for $4.99 or less at (US shipments only). No promo code needed. Shipping sale price is reflected on the product page.

step2 savings

And, now through next Friday, April 6, they are offering a buy more, save more savings event as well. Take $10 off an order of $99 or more with code S2SM1210, $25 off an order of $249 or more with code S2SM1225, or $50 off an order of $499 or more with code S2SM1250. These promo codes expire at 11:59 PM ET on April 6, 2012. Only one code may be used per order. Not valid towards clearance items or combos.

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Stocking Stuffer ALERT*

Well, here’s another one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” items for kids! Doodle Roll is a simple, portable coloring set for kids to use all over the place.  You can easily use at a restaurant, when traveling, or just when your child wants to color.

My kid loves it. She already played with it at home and brought it in the car recently.

I say simple, because it is. This is a little roll of paper and crayons packed into a little holder/dispenser. The paper rolls out, a little at a time, for kids to draw. Seriously, this is one of those things …like kids playing with a box. Sometimes less is more when it comes to helping kids express their creativity!

I actually quit buying coloring books last year when my Artist son mentioned to me that there are some studies out that show children actually draw more lifelike representations of items when they are raised doing freestyle drawings, rather than coloring stuff in. No joke!  So, when left on their own, they access the right side of the brain more. Cool. So, I like that Doodle Roll is blank, waiting for my Em’s creations.

I like the sizes available, a small one that is super easy to pop into my purse (4” Doodle Roll) and a larger one just because they can, I guess (6” Doodle Roll). The regular crayons are fine, and they have added double sided crayons in our pack. They did mention they are upgrading the paper dispenser, which I think is good, although I really think the one we got is fine for the cost.

I also like that these are a reasonable cost. At $3.99 for the 4” roll w/4 crayons, and $5.99 for the 6”roll w/8 crayons, this makes a cute stocking stuffer or little gift for a child. This would even make a nice party favor. You could roll the paper out and let kids make banners together or something like that, also.

Hmmm. Just very creative! And others must agree with me, because they have won a bunch of awards, such as Dr. Toy.

I get to give a Doodle Roll set away! Enter by rafflecopter, by clicking on MORE below!

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The End of an Era

Heather —  April 22, 2010

Birthday Morning:)

This morning I am sitting in the middle of the remnants of Birthday fun…messes of paper and plastic, photos to be uploaded and posted, cake left out under a big bowl by tired mom last night…you probably get the picture:)

Dad having fun at Toy's R'Us. Because she had a gift card:) Took all the pressure off. And yes, he made me scream with a giant spider. Only two manager types came running. Boys.

Dad having fun at Toy's R'Us. Because she had a gift card:) Took all the pressure off. And yes, he made me scream with a giant spider. Only two manager types came running. Boys.

It is a weird time–because our baby is now five. Five years that went by so fast. I miss being the mom of babies. Now I am the mom of a 22 year-old, two 15 year-olds, a fourteen year-old…and a five year old. Our household looks and sounds a lot different than when I had babies.

Horses and ballet...can you make it any more girly?

Horses and ballet...can you make it any more girly?

Why yes, you can make it more girly. Just put your Ballerina doll on your horse while you wear your Ballerina outfit...

Why yes, you can make it more girly. Just put your Ballerina doll on your horse while you wear your Ballerina outfit...

You might think, “how delightful…I have babies, and you do not…so you get to sleep”!

Nope. weekends are especially bad when I get to wake up every hour on the hour (isn’t our subconscious weird?) to make sure everyone is home.

My father said it a long time ago. When I was lamenting having a pile of little children who I felt needed more control. He said “well, get that control–and now, because–it does not get any easier.” I thought, what a downer. That’s ridiculous. Of course it will get easier.

And, well… here I am left with the stereotype that my Father is a genius. Yep, Dad, so far, you’re always right. Mom, no laughing.

Waiting for birthday cake...

Waiting for birthday cake...

Anyway, I’m not trying to be morbid with my daughter’s birthday post. But I am thoughtful. We are entering a new time. There will not be anymore babies, and I am not one who envisions adopting–most of own children are still in the throes of feeling neglected and needy. If only I left a pie out on the counter every night…then they would feel loved, right? Or, how about new Nike cross trainer, specially airlifted $300 sneakers…or shorter, tighter new dresses?….

No. Doing all these things would make my life sooooo much easier. But, I know, it won’t really make them feel loved. Telling them no, waking up to make sure they are home, feeding them organic healthy pies once a week–or better yet a piece of fruit…later, that will make them feel loved…or, at least, they’ll realize what a genius I am. But certainly not until they’re 25 or so…

Brother-made Horse Cake!!

Brother-made Horse Cake!!

And really, with my babies…I got that Mom, you’re a genius look for so long. I will miss that until it comes back around.