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If your kids skateboard, or if you loved Army men as a kid…or if you just want your kids to have hours of fun through imaginative play, AJ’s Toy Boarders has a great toy for you.

These 2” tall little green skateboarders come in a bunch of different poses, but all balance and make for fun play. All the poses for the boarders are actual moves skateboarders would do. My kids thought these were great, and even Dad was playing with them!

You’ll see various outfits molded on the different ones…but all are green. On the package, I see that you can get up to eight styles, doing things like pushing, a nose grab, cruising…even an Ollie.

These awesome little green guys without guns run at $4.99 for a big pack. I think these would put a smile on a boarders face for sure. And…watch the site, because they have surfer and snowboarder figures coming soon. I want some snowboarders for my guys!

And, I get to giveaway a pack! Enter via Rafflecopter
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The Iconic Rubik's Cube


Remember Rubik’s Cube?

I remember these from high school. I enjoyed watching my kids check them out and enjoy playing with them – and being able to do them quickly! Check this out!

This 3×3 puzzles makes players twist, turn and rotate the colored squares to match up the colors on all six sides.

Watch out, though, it’s not easy.

There are billions of potential combinations, but only one solution! Earn your bragging rights by mastering this mind-bending puzzle.

Approximate Retail Price: $7.99 at retailers all over; Recommended Age: 8 and up

Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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