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If you want to help your kids study for the SAT or ACT, or maybe you just want to improve your vocabulary, some of these new book and digital products might be perfect for you. I received a book from VocabAhead with over 300 pages of common SAT and ACT vocab words–the book uses the form of cartoons to tell a story, explaining and reinforcing the definition for each word. I think everyone would agree that kids like this type of learning approach. This way they have an amusing visual that helps them more easily remember a new word.

Now, while using cartoons may not be brand new, the people over at VocabAhead are definitely thinking ahead…they have also made these cartoons available as videos and MP3s. You can listen to the cartoons narrated through your mp3 player–or even get iPod, iPhone and iPad apps which play the cartoons.

My book version of VocabAhead includes a code I can use to go to the website and download mp3 videos of the words in my book. The book also includes a review quiz after each set of ten words, so Nick is just adding a tiny bit of vocab into each day, and doing a review quiz weekly. I think this is a no fail way to add a bit of vocab. One thing I didn’t like is that the written book does not show the pronunciation for each word–but, the videos do sound each one out.

You can see a bit of VocabAhead here:

As far as watching the videos, I’m not so into watching my own mp3s–I like using the App, and I like playing around on the VocabAhead website. Check out the SAT visual flash cards in their study room, watch videos or signup for an email word of the day.

You can purchase the VocabAhead book with the 300 Most Common SAT words for $12.95, here.

See what my crewmates have to say about VocabAhead.

I received VocabAhead SAT Vocabulary through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.

We are excited that Christmas is almost here! My daughter, Emma, felt that everyone should know that you can Track Santa on Christmas Eve! So we are sharing this video:)

We have done this for several years and the kids always enjoy it! Thanks for reminding me, Lifehacker!

You can check out Lifehacker for more great details about ways to track Santa.

Also, check out Marine Corps Nomads for a sweet Polar Express Holiday Tradition!

Also, looking for YOUR perfect mix of Holiday music? I have fallen in love with Pandora radio.

While I am not posting much this season, I’ll be posting little bits of important things like how to track Santa, here and there:)

Merry Christmas to All!


Giveaway Closed. These new apps look delightful! I haven’t tried them out, because I just have the iTouch–these are currently for the iPod and iPad, but I love the samples and the voices of Meryl Streep and Robin Williams, just for starters. And, it says you can record voices for personalized storytelling. How wild!

Definitely storybooks for the 21st century!

Anyway, I’m going to pass on this information and–I can giveaway a set! Read on!

“Ruckus Media Group, has just released their first classic animated children’s story applications for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The company’s first apps draw from the award-winning Rabbit Ears Library and feature well-known classic children’s stories told by top Hollywood celebrities. Each Play-Read-and-Record-Along application is available for $3.99 through Apple’s iTunes App Store and includes a classic video, readable text story and the ability to record voices for personalized storytelling. You can check them out at Ruckus Media Group or, just buy them on itunes:

The Velveteen Rabbit – Told by Meryl Streep, illustrated by Dave Jorgenson with music by George Winston. No child should miss this classic story of a toy, stuffed rabbit and his quest to become real through the love of his owner.
Tom Thumb and the Knights of the Round Table – Told by John Cleese, illustrated by Tim Gabor with music by Elvis Costello. No bigger than his father’s thumb, tiny Tom Thumb is on a larger-than-life journey in the land of King Arthur where his small size leads to mishaps and adventure.
PECOSBILLICONPecos Bill – Told by Robin Williams, illustrated by Tim Raglin with music by Ry Cooder. Pecos Bill is the bravest, orneriest cowboy in the Wild West, and the tall tales of his adventures are full of fun. The tale is one of courage, strength and humor.
John Henry – Told by Denzel Washington, illustrated by Barry Jackson with music by B.B. King. The tale of Big John Henry and his hammer, faster than any machine, belongs in every child’s memory and has been a staple of American mythology for well over a hundred years.
Johnny Appleseed – Told by Garrison Keillor, illustrated by Stan Olson with music by Mark O’Connor. The true story of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, who roamed the frontier planting apple trees and spreading goodwill is intimately tied to the domestication of America. Parents’ Choice Gold Award for audio.

“We create stories for mobile devices that entertain toddlers to teens from their fingers to their minds, at home or on the road—and invite their imaginations to grow,” said founder and CEO Robert Richter. “Our applications are ideal for today’s families who are perpetually ‘on the go.’ It’s our goal to immerse children in a world of imagination.”

Ruckus Mobile Media is currently developing original apps with bestselling and award-winning authors and illustrators including Jon Scieszka, Rosemary Wells, Andrew Clements, Patricia MacLachlan and David Carter, among others, to create interactive works not possible within the pages of a printed book. The first two of these original applications, due next month, will be “Andrew Answers” by Alan Katz, author of “Take Me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs” and “A Present for Milo” by Mike Austin.

For the mandatory entry, tell me which story you’d enjoy most!

For additional entries, you can:

I will choose a winner on 11/27/10. Giveaway is for US only. Please remember to leave a way for me to contact you in your comments!