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Heather —  August 22, 2012

Our Schoolroom!
Not Back to School Blog Hop

Hi all! Welcome:) This week’s theme in the Not Back to School Blog Hop is Our Schoolrooms! This is a fun one for me as I love to see others schoolrooms and get ideas to use in my home.  Join In by visiting Heart of the Matter and linking up.

I hope you enjoy this peek into my home. I am usually very private but I thought this was a fun, easy way to share, using the video. (Excuse my voice, earache, sore throat going on here!)

Anyway, if you do not homeschool, come on over to our side, we often have cookies, and coffee and I am enjoying getting to know my children so much!

Honestly, homeschooling may sound odd, or at least difficult~but it is a very nice way of life for our family. I encourage you to consider it. I like passing on my world views, my love of books, my time to my kids. They are a blessing, indeed.

Now, for full disclosure {grin} I do have children in public school as well. Honestly, I wish they were home as well. I got into this homeschooling thing way after the pioneers, and I made the choice to only homeschool some of my kids (pretty much the one the public school was failing). Once I began, I then continued with my younger child.

So, its a busy place around here, with two highschoolers in public school, one homeschooled highschooler and an elementary homeschooler.

I tell you what, the time is going by so quickly!

Not Back to school hop

Homeschool Swap Surprise!!

Heather —  September 24, 2010

I got the most wonderful package in the mail!

     What a perfect gift for me, devotional, journal, gorgeous mug and organic tea!!

What a perfect gift for me, devotional, journal, gorgeous mug and organic tea!!

It was from Kristin @ Welch Wonderland! A Day in the Life… she is a homeschool mom of three beautiful children–and somehow she found the time to get this package out to me! Kristin is a new homeschooling mom–so go follow and support her!

And, she certainly figured out what I needed. I have been skimping on my Bible time, so the journal and the Book of Prayer came in the nick of time. And, I love the color of the mug–what a warm, comforting color for Fall.

I am sitting on the porch right now, with a cup of organic tea. Thank you and Bless you, Kristin!


You can participate in a Homeschool Swap, too–take a look:


TOS Blog Walk, Week 8

Heather —  August 19, 2010
I enjoyed this gorgeous walk yesterday.

I enjoyed this gorgeous walk yesterday.

I have to say, this week on the TOS BlogWalk is a great week. For one, I get a turn!

Also, I recognize more than a few veteran bloggers and homeschoolers who have really fun and useful sites. So, take a peek and get some fresh ideas for your homeschool…

1. Ramblings from the Crazy House 2 –This homeschool mom of many has a lively and fun personality. Enjoy some ramblings!
2. Chicagoland Homeschool Network — This site is run by a one of the most gentle and kind Christian Moms I know online–and she is a mom to a pile of little ones. Be inspired!
3. Marine Corps Nomads — You will enjoy a stop over here–meet Munchkin and D, learn about gluten free living and military life….enter some great giveaways and enjoy wonderful photography.

4. Faith, Family and FunYou are here:) I know–it IS a hodgepodge of stuff. I try to focus, but there is always so much to learn about and write about! (And, I love getting products to review for my family — and to share through giveaways with yours)

5. Books and Bairns — I somehow do not know Mary Grace well, but her site is beautiful and she is also a mom to many, with a number of adopted children. Very interesting to read about their lives!
6. Chatter, Clatter and Things That Matter — Meet Heidi and her family–she has some fantastic reviews, tons of homeschool helps, and some adorable kids.
7. Canadianladybug Reviews! — This Canadian Homeschool Mom has great reviews and giveaways. Check out her Lobster Network, which makes it easy to share homeschool materials of all kinds.
8. Life at oak Grove — Enjoy stories about Canadian Ladybug’s cute little kids here:)
9. Home Sweet Home(school) — Get some practical homemaking, homeschooling tips here.
10. a glimpse of our life — I love Jennifer’s blog design. Enjoy lots of homeschool stories and personal blog posts here as well as great reviews.

TOS Crew Blog Walk Week 7

Heather —  July 29, 2010


Hmmm, here is the TOS Crew Blog Walk Week 7 already!

I have no exciting homeschool tips to go with this list of blogs…or even a finalized curriculum to show off. In fact, I am sitting at the computer, surrounded by catalogs.

Yes, I am one of those people who are still finalizing my plans for the upcoming school year. So bear with me and I will blog through and finalize our schedule…right now!

I feel really good about Sweet Honey. We will be doing Classical Conversations, Cycle 2 (CC), MathUSee, Mathletics, some All About Spelling… and some Mystery of History (I was not going to include that this year, but she asked for it!–that shows how much kids enjoy this curriculum). We will most likely add in some lapbooks and unit studies…maybe some review items for fun. I have a horse unit study from Amanda Bennett sitting waiting for her–I know she’ll enjoy that type of thing.

With her, I think I will go very slowly aside from the CC and see what her pace is. So far, she is a very eager student–she grasps ideas quickly and really enjoys the work–so teaching her is ridiculously easy. For her, I have no problem finding stuff to teach or do…the problem is giving her too much!

With Chef Kid, I plan to really focus on Math and Science this Semester. Last year, he covered quite a bit of History and Literature…lots of electives. We really did too many different things for my comfort. I want to scale back and focus.

He will continue doing ALEKS and take an online Apologia Biology with The Potter’s School. We will do some Mystery of History and Literature, and French. If we only do those, he will still be in good shape, following a General College Prep course of studies. And, I need to figure out how to help him pursue his dream of being a chef….

So, there I, We, have it!

And, this week’s Blog Walk actually has tons of smart, funny, veteran homeschoolers, so be sure to browse their sites and get some good tips!

1. Closing Time — this is a gorgeous blog
2. One Blessed Mamma— tons of curriculum reviews
3. El Cloud Homeschool: Busy Minds, Busy Hands, Busy Feet— this blog belongs to my FM from last year on the Crew!!
4. Alive in Spirit— a friend from last year’s crew…
5. Ozark Rumblings–another friend from the crew–so glad you are feeling better!
6. Army of 5–how does she have time to blog? She is a vet and homeschool mom, and I love her horse photos
7. Fenced In Family–another smart and busy writer mama
8. Debbie’s Digest–a kind and funny lady who has lots of resources. I love the new look of her blog
9. Footprints in the Butter –Honest talk from a busy mom with some really smart kids
10. Got Chai?–one of my favorite people! Denise, a lovely ballerina, talks about fitness, her family and homeschooling-all the while keeping you laughing….

* FYI-If you have any ideas for or questions about our curriculum, shoot me a comment. And if anyone has any curricula that would “go” with the Classical cycle 2, I’d be interested in hearing from you!

Sailing north of Stuart Island

Image by mark.aaserud via Flickr

Well, The OldSchoolhouse Crew (TOS) journey for 2010-2011 has begun!

You will be seeing crew homeschool reviews pop up this week and hopefully, be able to learn about some practical, useful and fun curriculum.

The crew journey last year was a blast. I got to try out tons of new learning products and meet lots of great people. To check out some reviews from last year or to see why we homeschool, you can click on my Homeschool Helps Tab. I can’t wait to see what I’ll be reviewing this year…

This time around, I am also a First Mate with a mini-crew! I’d love to welcome these ladies to the crew and introduce them to my readers. Please check out their blogs for homeschool advice and inspiration.

Here’s our mini-crew logo. We are using an old sailing term “Know the Ropes,” because all of the ladies on this mini-crew are veteran homeschoolers who will be wise reviewers….they do Know the Ropes!

April at  Heartfelt Homeschooling
Denise at  Light, Liberty and Learning
Kimberly at  Until The Day Dawn Weblog
Sarah at  Ahoy Maties, My Homeschool Crew Reviews and 212 Mom

Watch for our logo and some great ideas for you and your family!