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Heather —  June 20, 2012

Ready to flick, stack, spin and attack? Then you need some Bonkazonks.

Whoa. I had no idea these little things could do so much. In fact, I think they are kind of silly. Not the most eco-friendly toy either, I am thinking, unless they are made out of recycled plastic or something…

Still. My Kids like these things. Go figure. I asked to do a review of Bonkazonks because I was curious about them and my kids are into anything with The Avengers right now.

So what are they? Well, Bonkazonks are little (like 1.5 inches tall) collectible stunt toys from Hasbro that feature marvel super hero designs. Kids can play live stunt games (flicking them and building with them and spinning them) or online with them at and they come with cards that feature extra stunt things to do. There are over 100 to choose from and are sold in various sets.

We got a face case starter set, with 4 characters

My kids thought they were hilarious and had plenty of fun with them. Note: for ages 5 and up (they are small).

Bottom line? If you have collectible loving kids these are fun for them!

*I received a Bonkazonks Marvel Characters Face Case in order to do this review. I was not compensated in any other way and have given my honest opinion.

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The Iconic Rubik's Cube


Remember Rubik’s Cube?

I remember these from high school. I enjoyed watching my kids check them out and enjoy playing with them – and being able to do them quickly! Check this out!

This 3×3 puzzles makes players twist, turn and rotate the colored squares to match up the colors on all six sides.

Watch out, though, it’s not easy.

There are billions of potential combinations, but only one solution! Earn your bragging rights by mastering this mind-bending puzzle.

Approximate Retail Price: $7.99 at retailers all over; Recommended Age: 8 and up

Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Win one for your stockings!!

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Surprisingly Fun!!

This game is so fun! All of us like it. I like that it has a soft sound level and it can be played with another or solo. The actual toy seems very sturdy and the voice giving the commands is just amusing.

For those who haven’t tried the orginal Bop-It, this game is hysterical. The game gives you commands to Bop it, Twist it, Pull it, Spin it, Flick it and Shake it! And each time you get a command correct, you get another command and the game goes even faster. The music is catchy as well!

This seems so simple and yet it is so fun.

I recommend for ages 6 and up, although the box says 8, Em loves this!

Approximate retail price: $24.99. (Includes 3 “AAA” batteries). See more on Hasbro Games.

Available on Amazon right now for $18!  Bop It XT

I get to give one away! Some little (or big) child will love this game!

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Ji Ga Zo Puzzle from Hasbro

Heather —  March 10, 2011

And I thought those 3D puzzles were amazing! Whoever came up with Ji Ga Zo  is a creative genius–I am impressed! A quick video to share how this works:

And then, our bloopers!

Oh, we have fun reviewing some of these games! But, back to business at hand:

Ji Ga Zo is a new way to create a puzzle out of a digital image. Upload the software, then upload any of your photos and make an icon map, which you then follow to create a mosaic image puzzle. Either save this puzzle and frame it or start all over again with another photo!

Includes CD-ROM with software and instructions (mac & pc compatible), 300 puzzle pieces and assembly grid.

Ages 8+, retails around $25.

Check out Ji Ga Zo on YouTube:

To buy, or find out more, visit Ji Ga Zo on

You can also find Ji Ga Zo and other family games on the Family Game Night Facebook Page

FYI: Hasbro and TOMBSTONE® Pizza are teaming up this month to give you free (up to $7.01) TOMBSTONE Pizza with the purchase of a new game. For a limited time, pick up ANY Hasbro game at your local retailer, then visit the “Special Offer” tab at to download a mail in offer form to receive a coupon for a FREE (up to $7.01) TOMBSTONE Pizza.

I received the Ji Ga Zo puzzle from Hasbro for my review. I have given my honest opinion.

clipHi all! I just wanted to pop in a share some information I got about games–during the winter, I have had fun playing some games with the kids and it seems like new, fun things are coming out all the time.
I am hoping to be able to share a review and giveaway of Scrabble Flash soon! Anyway, here is a heads up on a coupon deal and a new place for scrabble lovers!

Thanks to the current special offer from Hasbro, February is the perfect time to update and stock your family’s game closet with the latest and greatest. Visit the “Special Offers” tab on the Family Game Night Facebook page to download and print a coupon for a free card game (valued at $5.99 or less) when you purchase a Hasbro game for $9.99 or more (excludes Winning Moves, USAopoply and video games). Act fast! This offer is available for a limited time only.
Calling all wordsmiths! We’re excited to announce the launch of a new Facebook page dedicated to all things Scrabble. Whether you’re a fan of the classic board game, or enjoy Scrabble Flash, Scrabble Slam or Scrabble Junior (or all of the above!), this page will be a one-stop shop for word lovers. Find daily word challenges, words of the day, coupon offers, Scrabble news and tips, online gaming, and School Scrabble info, with more exciting features still to come! Visit to “Like” us and start exploring the world of Scrabble.
Do you know any superstar Scrabble players in grades 5-8? If the answer is yes, now’s the time for them to register for the 2011 National School Scrabble Championship! Teams of two students can register to compete in this year’s competition, which will take place April 15-16 at the Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, FL. Visit to register now. Not familiar with our School Scrabble program? Check out this video from the 2009 Championship.”

You can find Hasbro Games on the web:



Quick and Fun, Ratuki!

Heather —  February 1, 2011

With my crew, I am always on the lookout for games that might be fun and also don’t make the kids fight. When my family humors me and plays a game or two, we have a great time.

And Ratuki is fun! The game play is fast and simple, a good game to pull out in a small group and just play a few rounds. No big board to pull out and serious game to interrupt…The kids enjoyed it, and even put up with their baby sister who obviously got it that when you win, you shout RATUKI!

The game includes 170 cards, 5 reminder cards and instructions.

Ages 8 and up, for 2 to 5 players. Game retails at approximately $9.99

To buy, or find out more, visit Ratuki on You can also find Ratuki and other family games on the Family Game Night Facebook Page

I received the Ratuki game from Hasbro for my review. I have given my honest opinion.