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Cranium Brain Breaks Giveaway!

Heather —  October 5, 2011

Oh, this game suits me perfectly! Years ago, we got our first Cranium Game. The kids have always enjoyed these…but this new one is fun for all of us (even Mom, the multi-tasker).

Cranium is known for super creative game play and this version is no different. The difference?

 You only need a minute to play Cranium Brain Breaks! Or, play for an hour…your choice. But you have to go quickly either way.

There are 200 mini-games, outlined on little cards with super easy directions. Now, just because the directions are easy, doesn’t mean all the games are. But, many had us laughing, rhyming and having a blast. Much of the content is educational as well—because you need to think and create as you play.

The game includes classic cranium categories:

  • Creative Cat
  • Word Worm
  • Star Performer
  • Data Head

Seriously, this family game is adorable.

What else did I love about this?

Well, the players work together. Yeah for the no-fighting aspect as I have some super competitive kids—where DID that come from??

And the game is neatly packaged up in a permanent brain shaped case. And it stays neat. There are little spots for all the pieces. It is so nice when things work and do not get lost!

My original thought when I got to review this was that it would make a great Christmas gift (and it would) but now that I’ve seen the case, well it would also be a great non-sugar treat for Halloween! Ha. Love it.

Even little ones can play

  • Players: 2 or more (although my daughter likes to complete activities all by herself against the clock)
  • Ages: 8 and up
  • Approximate Price: $14.99
  • Available at mass merchandise retailers nationwide, or online at Hasbro Toy Shop.

Want ideas for hosting your own Family Game Night?  Like them on Facebook:

Or, if you’re a tweeter, follow them on Twitter: @familygamenight.

AND, I get to give one CRANIUM BRAIN BREAKS GAME away!


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Thank Goodness Big Brother is laid back...Em tried lots of "not quite" words, Ha!

Thank Goodness Big Brother is laid back...Em tried lots of "not quite" words, Ha!

I was happy to review a copy of Scrabble Turbo Slam recently. While most of my kids can beat me in regular Scrabble, I thought this new game sounded like the perfect motivation for my youngest who is just learning to spell. I know she’s competitive!

Little did I know HOW much she wanted to win! It took several rounds to explain that to win, you HAD to use real words. The game is a race to spell four letter words and use up your cards. There is a timer and special “action” cards as well.

It was funny to watch her play, because she is a bit too young. The game is recommended for ages 8 and up, but my older kids are so nice about playing games with her so I wanted to use this as a teaching tool.

Two weeks later, she is much faster and better with it. I get a kick out of playing with her. Because the game is simple and all self-contained (everything is stored within the case–no losing cards and such), I like pulling it out for a quick game.

I felt like a great parent when it was me saying, “want to play a quick game before bed?” Usually, I’m the one saying no!

I figured it couldn’t hurt for the rest of the family to have a fun game around. So far, I have gotten a few of the kids to play. It IS hard to get them off the video games to come play. Yet, every time, they end up having a blast. Turbo Slam was no different. The older kids made hilarious (and real) words. They liked the timer action, too.

I really recommend finding games like this, where the pieces don’t get lost and a game can run pretty fast…or you can play more! That way, you as a parent aren’t exhausted and the kids are happy. Very fun.



  • For 2-4 players
  • Retails $14.99
  • Available now
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries

I received a Scrabble Turbo Slam game from Hasbro for my review. I have given my opinion.