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A little while ago, I reviewed a wonderful French program for Nick.

At the time, I was more worried about Nick getting some language work done than my younger child.  As we worked and after I really reviewed their site, the Great Commission Languages I decided that the level Nick was using is just too difficult for Em.

Still, I had her work through the sample lessons on their site as Nick worked and she seemed to really enjoy learning French. So, I really want to get the junior level for her!  Here is a sample from Le Francais Facile Junior Level. This is for k-3 and is great, with nice illustrations and characters that children can identify with.

In light of how much I like this curriculum and the fact that I would like to buy more I decided to become an affiliate for The Great Commission languages.  I really do like this course, and i think many others will, too! They do also have Spanish, however I have not reviewed that one.

If you are looking for a language program, I encourage you to take a look at this one! And, please use my link if you do. You can find it here:

The Easy French

Thank you!

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Right away, I would like to say J’adore Francais. I do! I took French in high school and several years in college. I loved every minute of my French courses. I hope my professor, Beth Nott, knew that. The sound of the French language is just so beautiful to me.

As my children began taking languages I was hoping to live vicariously they would enjoy their language experiences as well. So far, everyone has had some exploratory French and Spanish. Em has had some beginning Latin as well. Some people might say, it is unusual to use French, compared to Spanish, but I disagree. Right now, my eldest son is living in the Caribbean, where he does use his French. On top of that, from a Christian perspective, I find it interesting that French is spoken in many parts of the world that are fertile mission fields.

When I heard about Le Francais Facile, I was very interested and wanted to review it. I did ask my children for their opinions on taking French, because Em is also doing Latin and Nick is working on some Spanish. I downloaded some samples of the first few units from The Great Commission Languages (GLC). As we worked through these, my children were so interested and really wanted to move forward with French, so I asked to review the level 1A (the older version) so that Nick could work on getting his high school language credits. I did read that you could use the Level 1A with younger children, you would just need to go more slowly. (As an aside, I loved the junior level samples and would prefer those for Em if I had just a little one!)

GLC is the creation of Marie Filion Sherwood and Peter Sherwood.  They are homeschooling parents themselves, and Marie is French Canadian. The program offers both French and Spanish lessons and does have a Christian perspective, in that GLC desires to teach languages in order to spread the gospel and the lessons options include scripture memorization.

Great Commission Languages - Easy French Level 1AI got the level 1A complete student curriculum, including a data cd with all answers (for me) an audio cd with tons of stories, test booklet, answer key, and phonogram cards.

Check out French samples.

The basic teaching approach includes introducing vocabulary through stories on the CD with a French weave, where English and French are used together, so that students can infer and learn naturally.

There are 18 unit lessons and

Each Lesson includes the following portions:

  • Listening to a French story (with a bit of English woven in to increase comprehension)
  • Vocabulary (reinforces above storyline)
  • Student helps
  • Scripture memory work
  • Cultural notes
  • Trivia
  • Everyday Vocabulary (i.e, Chapter 1 includes days of the week)
  • Activity (follow up with grid for week long lesson plans and Phonogram work)

In the Activity portion, there is a lesson planner grid, which breaks down what needs to be accomplished by your older student. Honestly, I found this very helpful, yet my student kept coming back for help. I think the concept of rolling vocabulary and culture and grammar into one is very good. But we kept coming back to the fact that the grammar portions made no sense to Nick. This took extra time for us—yes, grammar will get you, no matter what language! I do think it was clearly presented in the lessons, but this may be something your child needs help with, while the vocabulary is fun and easy to master.

You should use this daily, so the child becomes familiar with the sounds of the language.

Some things I loved about the curriculum:

  • So all inclusive! I like listening to the stories on cd and being able to hand my child his book to do the work—no printing out tons of things.
  • I like having the “official” tests. Taking these out means business!
  • The curriculum really has a “voice” the stories are entertaining and the voices are gentle and pleasant.
  • Can use with many ages
  • you do not have to know French to teach!
  • The trivia sections are teaching me tons of little cultural things.

Le Français Facile! Level IA retails for $84.95. Go check this out—whether you are a homeschooler, teaching languages, or just someone who wants to learn French!

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I received  Le Francais Facile, Level 1A through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.