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Summer is here! My children make this abundantly clear, waving swimsuits and tennis rackets around me, begging me to come and play.

A long day of swimming, eating hot dogs and ice cream, smelling of sunscreen, wearing shades and hearing kids laugh is a good way to spend a Summer day.

And now we have the cutest sunglasses!  New Crocs™ Sunglasses. I heard of these and they sounded so great. So, as a treat for the kids, I asked to do a product review. They came right before Memorial Day. The timing of the box…and the sunglasses inside, couldn’t have been more perfect.

I loved all the styles we got. They are good-looking, really stylish. My favorite is the adult Aviator style. A nice extra is that the adult styles have eco friendly polarized lenses made of cellulose (natural and renewable resource) plus 100% UV protection. They are very smooth and comfortable as well as classy. My teenage son is a lifeguard and he looks awesome in these. On top of that they are very sturdy to survive all his Summer work  and sports.

(Honestly, I wanted these for the kids, but now I want some! so good looking and soft, with a neat little carrying pack that doubles as a lens cleaner.)

My teen daughter has the classic look with her new Crocs™ Sunglasses.

crocs sunglasses

Her colors are even more playful though, in white and a bright green. They look cute and she likes the idea of being able to mix and match parts to make her own unique color combinations – and maybe trade with her friends.

Check out this video that shows the unique way to switch up your shades!

My youngest loves having the same shaped glasses as her big sister! She has the playful popular shape and can mix and match faces and arms to create her own styles as well. She says they are comfy and that they stay on well. They seem to fit her little face well.

crocs kids sunglasses

I love that the kids sunglasses also have 100% UV protection. Because of Em’s epilepsy, we need to make sure her eyes are protected as they seem super sensitive to sunlight. It is important to make sure kids eyes are protected these days. Read more about the importance of UV Eye Protection with Kids.

Overall I think the Crocs™ Eyewear is good looking and very well made. Each style pair we received seem durable—even the aviators had a nice solid feel to them. I even dropped a pair from our top porch and they came up unscathed.

They have the 100% UV ray protection, tons of colors and styles. The special patented hinges that flex for an individual fit are comfortable, and the newest thing with the Jibbitz™ Hinges, being able to switch out the hinges and temple pieces to mix and match new colors, is great fun for the kids.

Really perfect and cool, just in time for Summer. Crocs makes life easy yet stylish again!

Buy them or get details on the Crocs™ Eyewear collection on the site. Prices range from around $19.99 to $39.99, optional hinge pack and temple arms sold separately.

crocs sunglasses

Visit Eyeaspire online or Eyeaspire on facebook. Read about Family sunglass style for the summer:

*I received sample product from eyeaspire to facilitate this review.

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The kids!

The kids!

With four children over the age of 15 around here, my husband and I find ourselves having loads of talks about lots of issues.

Often we are addressing the little day to day issues that are important to our kids. Like, they need jeans, or a ride, or a better phone plan…

Sometimes, we spend time talking about more important issues like dating, future plans, and our faith. I am the worst for talking about deep subjects while driving. The kids joke they’d much rather ride with Dad for fewer lectures…but that Mom is on time!

Anyway, I think as parents my husband and I do a pretty decent job talking openly about anything with our kids. I do think I did a crummier job with my oldest, as far as paying attention to the things that were important to him.

Now, I’m on my fourth 15 year old, Haha. So, it gets easier to keep track of what’s up!

I really enjoy talking to the kids about things on my mind, like should they wear this or play that or wear contacts, etc, so I was surprised to see the results of a survey from the Bausch + Lomb “Daily Talk Program” that showed that:

“ moms felt least prepared to talk to their children about makeup (33%) or to talk with a child who wants to forego glasses for contact lenses (21%).”

I wonder why some parents may not feel prepared talking about things like makeup and contacts. With my kids, this was easy because I wear contacts, so I know a lot about them. I suppose that helps.

All my boys wear contacts and it was an easy transition for them to move from glasses to contacts. Now, they tend to wear both. This year, though, I mentioned contacts to my daughter, as she is doing cheerleading. She was perfectly happy with her glasses, but I was worried she could get hurt while doing her sports, so we talked about trying contacts.

I feel that kids will be ready to try out contacts at all different ages. For a few of my kids, I felt they were ready to be careful with using contacts and taking care of them at early “tween” ages, while I made one kids wait and prove to me they were ready to be responsible for the contacts (and their eyes).

For my daughter, playing a lot of sports, contacts just make sense. I also think sometimes, contacts can improve kids self-esteem. I think all my kids look good in either glasses or contacts. But, if a kid needs a boost in self-esteem, I don’t see any reason to not try out contacts.

Now, I had already considered contacts for my daughter when I read that Bausch and Lomb had a new type—the daily disposables. I agreed to try them out with my daughter as I think that is a nice happy medium for a tween or younger teen. With the dailies, you do not have to worry so much, whether or not kids are being responsible with the contact solution and such.

I will note, I have always checked with our optometrist to see if contacts are a good fit for my children.

You can see the Soflens daily disposables site and learn more about contacts for your kids here:

“I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Bausch + Lomb and received Soflens daily disposables to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

Yes, the little one is striking a pose with big sister!

I got the cutest celebrity sunglasses for my daughter recently, when we tried out the online store Sunglass Replicas. I do not often review products like this, but I thought it would be fun to think about summer as everyone was snowed in for the week.

As you can see from the photos, my daughter looks fantastic in these! These Dolce and Gabbana style replicas suit her shape face so wonderfully and are fun for a teenager.

There are tons of options on the Sunglass replica website and I could have spent a few hours looking through their inventory. They offer sunglasses for both men and women. Personally, I like the Aviator glasses for my shape face.

The glasses we got were pretty inexpensive at $16.95. They are attractive and seem pretty sturdy. The shipping was $2.95 which seems reasonable, and I got the glasses super quickly.

Guess what? I get to give away a pair of sunglasses!

For the mandatory entry, please tell me what type of sunglasses you would purchase. You can check out styles on Sunglass Replicas.

For additional entries you can:

I’ll choose a winner on 2/15. Giveaway is open to US only.

This is a MamaBuzz review. The product was provided by Sunglass Replicas for this review. I have given my honest opinion of this product.