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Just a quick note for the teacher in you:) A few fun things showed up in my email this morning! I love free stuff that is also good stuff!


1. Staples. The yearly “Teacher Appreciation Day” is coming! If you are a registered teacher (this includes homeschoolers with ID) they will be giving away gift bags (to first 100 each store) and have other information and specials. A $10 off $50 coupon is also available. Check the site for the date for your state. Ours is August 15th!


2. Usborne Books is offering their “Get Started with Usborne” Kit for only $15 until August 10th. This is crazy! For that you get the starter kit, well–here in their words:

“Join our team this August, and you will receive 10 of our most popular titles, a set of business supplies, including OrderPro (our electronic ordering program), and a 6 month eCommerce Consultant Web Site.” After the 10th, the price increases, but is still less than the usual price. I assume they are getting ready for school. Anyway, I am suspicious of anything that costs money to start…but I have heard good things about this and for $15 you get 10 Usborne books…go here to check it out. I want to do, but I’m moving so I’m not sure about it yet. I have til 8/10!


3. And last, but cetainly not least, Kidthing is at it again! I love this little ereader, game player, etc. I guess their “Summer Sizzles” promos are ending, but looks like they will continue to send freebies for the kids! Today’s freebie is a Back to School animated book, “First Day Jitters” it is available in English and Spanish. (This is also for teachers–homeschoolers go get them:) Enter the code: ktcode-NEA5RAA, in the search space on the Store homepage.

Consider Yourself Tagged!

Heather —  June 27, 2009

Hello! Today I was thinking about what was fun about blogging…so far, I love meeting new people, getting ideas for my family and I totally get a kick out of free stuff & giveaways! If any of my friends have ideas on things to giveaway that might be fun that have to do with families, homeschooling, reading, arts, or household write me & let me know!

Meanwhile, I enjoyed reading a post by Karla @ Another Road to Ramble today–she got tagged!!:) So, I am playing…I need to list 6 little unimportant things that make me happy. So, here are 6 things that make me happy…

  1. lattes with my husband
  2. flowers in the house
  3. getting good mail
  4. using a body scrub
  5. having fresh lemon/honey for my tea
  6. dark chocolate… that’s really #1!

Please consider yourselves tagged! If you pass this on and list your 6 things, let me know.