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I wish all our computer interactions were this sweet!

I wish all our computer interactions were this sweet!

Seriously. I REALLY wish that.

But, this is the real world, right? So…I know that using the world wide web brings alot of things into our home. Some of these things are fantastic–I can research and teach about so many amazing things. My kids can take all sorts of online classes…I honestly cannot imagine living without internet…

But, on the other hand, I know from personal experience that the internet can be a waste of time. And, at worst, it can be a dangerous place. And, as parents, whether we like it or not, we need to be prepared to protect our children.

Yes, I added in that “whether we like it or not” because I have teenagers.

Hey!? You are supposed to be doing online Algebra!

Anyway, I was curious when I got a review for Lanschool computer classroom (or homeschool) management software.

The last time I attempted to protect our internet/computer setup, I ended up using a trial that seemed to effectively block everything I actually needed to USE.

It was super annoying. I had to write down all the sites I wanted to block, then go through and activate it…then “unblock” it long enough to send an email…then when I tried to watch a show online, it blocked random stuff for no reason. Also, it would block sites the kids needed for school. The whole experience was basically an epic fail.

But, I get really tired of hovering around teenagers, asking them what they are doing! Honestly, it would be easier to just get rid of computers. But, I agree that these days, they really need them, but they need to be smart about where they are going. That we all need to have accountability….

See where I’m going?

Ok. So, Lanschool has provided a way for us to demand accountability without having to block sites and/or the whole computer.

So, how does Lanschool do it?

The software works with our networked computers. We needed to choose one computer as the Teacher computer. From that computer, we can monitor all the other computers, and “see” a little thumbnail.

So, using Lanschool, the idea is that the kids are accountable to us. Nothing is blocked, but we can see what they are doing–and we are hoping the are making good choices. If not, it is very obvious–and something we can deal with.

Actually, if you want to just go ahead and block sites, Lanschool can do that, also. Sometimes, that is just a whole lot easier!

So far, I have used Lanschool mainly for asking the kids to be more accountable. But, the software is designed for much more. Over time, I hope to use it for many more things.

You can take a guided tour of Lanschool software.

Lanschool can also be used for all of the following teaching scenarios:

  • Show a teacher screen to all your students
  • Co-browse the internet
  • Blank out student screens
  • Send messages back and forth (we love this feature)
  • Have remote control over students screens
  • Limit applications and/or printing
  • Have screen snapshots…a history

Lanschool was not difficult to set up within our home wireless network. It is available for home use for $99 for a perpetual license. This includes 3 years of customer support.

Curious? Check out Lanschool’s Trial version free for 30 days.

I really recommend this software, not just for homeschooling families, but for all families who are active on the computer. I mean, my kids are good kids, but they are still kids. Honestly, sometimes I just do not even want to know what my kids are up to. But, that is part of the job, right?

See what my crewmates have to say about Lanschool Technologies.

I received Lanschool software for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.

As I sit at my computer, I realized that I love reading other people’s blogs more than writing my own. Truly, I started blogging this year and I already “follow” tons of wonderful blogs. The stories are amazing, the tips are fantastic and I can sign in and enjoy whenever I feel like it–and I do not even have to remember to return any books! While this is a good thing, I totally have to discipline myself to Blog first & read later…otherwise, I’m still reading and my photos and ideas are a distant memory:)

Today, I am going to join with Angie at Minivan Moments and participate in “Try it Tuesday” My try? It will be to blog before reading others blogs at least 3x a week. Thanks to all of the bloggers out there who make this fun!

PS: Look for my “Works for Me Wednesday” post tomorrow-I want to add some of my ideas for helping the kids have some fun in summer, while keeping your sanity:)