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Holiday Stocking Stuffer

Heather —  November 12, 2011

Another Holiday Idea! This giveaway closes 11/24. You can read the post, or just jump in and enter right here. Click  Continue Reading to enter by Rafflecopter.

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Stocking Stuffer ALERT*

Well, here’s another one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” items for kids! Doodle Roll is a simple, portable coloring set for kids to use all over the place.  You can easily use at a restaurant, when traveling, or just when your child wants to color.

My kid loves it. She already played with it at home and brought it in the car recently.

I say simple, because it is. This is a little roll of paper and crayons packed into a little holder/dispenser. The paper rolls out, a little at a time, for kids to draw. Seriously, this is one of those things …like kids playing with a box. Sometimes less is more when it comes to helping kids express their creativity!

I actually quit buying coloring books last year when my Artist son mentioned to me that there are some studies out that show children actually draw more lifelike representations of items when they are raised doing freestyle drawings, rather than coloring stuff in. No joke!  So, when left on their own, they access the right side of the brain more. Cool. So, I like that Doodle Roll is blank, waiting for my Em’s creations.

I like the sizes available, a small one that is super easy to pop into my purse (4” Doodle Roll) and a larger one just because they can, I guess (6” Doodle Roll). The regular crayons are fine, and they have added double sided crayons in our pack. They did mention they are upgrading the paper dispenser, which I think is good, although I really think the one we got is fine for the cost.

I also like that these are a reasonable cost. At $3.99 for the 4” roll w/4 crayons, and $5.99 for the 6”roll w/8 crayons, this makes a cute stocking stuffer or little gift for a child. This would even make a nice party favor. You could roll the paper out and let kids make banners together or something like that, also.

Hmmm. Just very creative! And others must agree with me, because they have won a bunch of awards, such as Dr. Toy.

I get to give a Doodle Roll set away! Enter by rafflecopter, by clicking on MORE below!

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