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TOS Homeschool Crew

Heather —  May 28, 2009

Yesterday we had a great time at the museum–Emma truly loves the dinosaurs and it is always fun to be with the “Big Boys”
Hey! I just found out I am going to be on The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew for next year! I am excited. I will need to brush up on my “getting things done” skills! Actually, I need to go pray about it, because I asked God specifically to only let me be chosen if it was something I should be doing! I feel good about that. Now, I get to meet new people & try out some things for my babies. Very Cool. Better go backup my hard drive, etc:) Well, hopefully I’ll be a help to someone, including myself!! Well, I better get on with the day. PS: Harris Teeter is doing triple coupons!

Sunday Rest

Heather —  April 26, 2009

Whew. Today was a welcome break from events. Seems like I’m living from one event to another, always planning and “getting ready.” I am glad Sunday is a day of rest around here! (Thank you, Lord) We had a fabulous birthday party for Emma yesterday. She wanted all things dinosaur, and it was really fun. My husband came through at every turn, from picking up coffee from Starbucks for the adults to getting the veges for the “plant-eaters.”

I think I’ve learned a bunch of Dino facts:) Baskin Robbins did a great cupcake dinosaur diplodocus–with pink frosting!!! I need to write a thank you BR–it was awesome. and all the little palentologists really worked hard digging out “dinos” from the awesome dino dig site my oldest son made. (pics to follow) MY family is so gifted!! All Emma’s siblings helped with decorations. Jacqui drew dino prints to the house with chalk–turned out great & easy/cheap decorating:) My son son made a dinosaur songs/sounds soundtrack for the kids–not even sure how he did it, he is very tech savy! Chris did all the last minute decorations (and he even played extinction with the kids!) All in all, I am consistently amazed by how helpful the supposedly evil teenagers really are…

And…during the party, I had a blast! The women who stayed and visited while their kids played were great! I love it when people are relaxed & real (even when you have just met) and this was one of those perfect times!