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Gratitude Challenge. A Bit of Fun!

Heather —  November 10, 2010

Today is Day 10

One of my quiet and faithful TOS crew leaders, Brenda, over at Garden of Learning, is doing a Gratitude Challenge for the month of November. I am pleased to join in and should be posting something I am grateful for each day.

Today, I am so grateful for the company of smart, funny blogging Mamas!!

What brought this up? Well, please go take a look at The Homeschool Misfit Awards! I continue to be amazed by the creativity in the blogging community. This is a great way to enjoy ourselves and have a bit of fun…and yes, I am totally into being an official nominee. Way to go, Lori!


Join in the Gratitude Challenge


Heather —  August 29, 2010

Isn’t it good when you get a laugh just when you need it?

I was actually talking to my husband…because we enjoy comedy–and we have Netflix. But, so much of that comedy is just…well, I have to say, awful. Awful dirty.

Then, I checked my reader. And I saw a post by Kristen from we are THAT family. She was posting about a comedian. I clicked over…


But, worried it would be…lame.

It was not.

Thank you, Kristen! Watch the GREAT clips and then, go over to Kristen’s to win!!!. Tomorrow, I will go try to win. Tonight, I’m enjoying youtube clips.

I really needed that.

then this….