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Creativity For Kids Party

Heather —  August 23, 2012

Party Poses with Creativity for Kids Party

We just threw a Creativity for Kids Party! It was amazing. Want your kids to engage in more  creative play? Check this out.

As mom of an artist, I am familiar with the name Faber-Castell. I always associated the name with quality art supplies that my son would appreciate.

Just this Summer, when I was chosen to host a Creativity for Kids Party, through Faber-Castell and MomSelect, I got a chance to see all the new kids products they have unveiled.

I received two giant boxes of craft kits and we immediately broke them open and began playing  um, practicing for our party.

My daughter and I made headbands first. I love these things! I am the kind of mom who does not love messes. (I know, not creative and cool) I’m just like that. I try. Somehow, my kids are super creative in spite of me.

But, with the kits we tried, I was so impressed that everything we could need was at our fingertips and we were not even making messes, really, just REALLY making something we could actually use. Our “homemade” headbands looked like we bought them (maybe a little more glittery). I liked how we had all sorts of small embellishment materials there and my daughter could just dive into her imagination and make her very own creation.

The girl fashion kits are just the thing for a fantastic crafting day party or slumber party or Birthday party. Or just to have some fun!

After that experience, I took a look at many of the products we received so I would know what we were doing for our party. Most everything looked like things the girls would really like, fashionable for the time and with lots of choices on how the finished product would look.

Creativity for Kids Kits

So then we sent out our evites!

creativity invite

What did we have to share? Well, lots of accessories kits to make the following: Fashion headbands, Fashion Bracelets, Pop-Art Necklaces and Stuck on Fashion Tote bags. We had aprons and goodie bags and loads of party ideas!

So how did it go?

FANTASTIC! The girls had such a blast. Every craft was received with oooohs and ahhhhs! We did the bags first, so the kids would have a bag to put their creations in. I was surprised by how they all focused and played with just designing the bags! It was neat to watch how differently they all created even though they had all the same kit materials.

The same thing happened with the necklaces and headbands. I found it fascinating how different all their creations were. Talk about using their imaginations! One child even put two headbands together to make another look.  One little girl took some materials from the necklaces, some from the headbands and made a special hairclip with dangling feathers. Now, that was extra creative!

Creating an original clip

Meanwhile, I did let them eat too much sugar! We had fruit kabobs, tea party sandwiches, punch, candy and strawberry cream cake.

After the first three crafts and eating, we were already going over time. Now that is something I have never had happen during a kids party. I am usually hard pressed to add in activities to keep them busy. Not so with this craft party.

Photo 15

They were super excited about the Shrinky Dinks, so I pulled those out and we all had fun with that. I even made some.

hard at work with shrinky dinks

Shrinky Dinks are from back in the day, you know?! Haha. It was fun to see them watching the oven.

Waiting for the shrinky dinks

After that, I really had to wrap things up–it was time to go! We still had time for some Vogue posing and a Fashion show!

more posing

If I had had this for my daughters birthday before we held a Roller Rink Birthday Party, I would have done this instead. The kids love activities like this. These are great for a rainy day or slumber party…any group gathering as a special thing or just a mom and child thing! I found the art materials so nice. The little pencils are marvelous, even.

Do take a look at the Creativity for Kids site and enroll in the Creativity Club. They have all sorts of printables, craft ideas, a craft of the month, and good directions to get your craft just right! #CreativityforKids, #FaberCastellParty.


Right now through 8/31/12, get 20% off online purchases when you use code ANYTIME. Continental US shipping address only and eligible on Creativity for kids products only.

PS: Thank you to my older daughter who made the party so fun with a great playlist, dance party and fashion show!! You are AWESOME!

Striking a pose

Our party was sponsored by Faber-Castell’s Creativity for Kids Craft Kits in partnership with MommyParties. I received products for the party and a few additional products for my child. I have given my honest opinion on the products.

See The Light Art Class

Heather —  April 22, 2011

art class

It’s time for Art Class! Today, I’d like to share about a new art resource that Em and I have just been reviewing, See The Light Art Class.

While Em is just a bit of the young side for this program, I was curious to see what we would think of an art program with classes online and on DVD—for these classes, Mom would not be teaching, we’d just be getting direct instruction from the Art Teacher.

The art teacher is Pat Knepley, Master Artist.  With an Art Ed. degree and a career in Childrens Ministry, Pat has combined her passions of drawing and teaching and is now sharing her skills with children everywhere with See The Light Art Class, this series of 36 drawing lessons for children of elementary school age.

We received the first 4 lessons as well as a bonus lesson for Easter. Each lesson ran about 15 minutes, and the lessons began very simply. I like Pat’s presentation and teaching style and find it perfect for young students. She establishes a rapport with the children, specifically telling them several times that they CAN do art. She speaks slowly and with excitement about how the children can use their God given creativity and helps them to really feel that they can succeed at creating artwork. While she teaches, the background is not distracting, and she keeps the art supplies to a minimum.

My daughter really did not feel like doing the lessons when I asked her to come see them. At just 6, she already often gets frustrated and wants to give up on creative endeavors when she decides “It just doesn’t look right.” Eeekk!! I feel sad, and know that I need to help my budding perfectionist feel free to try and have fun!

Anyway, so you get the picture? My baby wants to give up every time her artwork is not Mona Lisa quality. We had a rough start. While the lessons become progressively more difficult, the first lesson was very easy. My daughter watched and drew along, eyeing the dvd critically…as Pat discussed how to hold a pencil to create several kinds of lines.

Now, also, Pat is adding in a bit of Bible study during each lesson. After finishing the second lesson, Em was not as critical, and informed me that, “I wish we did this art in OUR Sunday school.”

Things went on pretty easily from there! Although we only did a few lessons, so far, I think this is a great option for Art instruction for young kids. I actually have an Art program we use that I like, but having dvds available like this…well, this makes it so simple for me and personally, I like integrating some Bible lessons as well.

The Lessons that are available right now include the main set of 9 DVDs with 36 lessons, 4 lessons per DVD. These teach:

  1. The Basics
  2. Shape and Space
  3. Value and Color
  4. Color Blending Techniques
  5. Proportions for Composition
  6. Texture and Form
  7. Perspective for the Landscape
  8. Balance and Foreshortening
  9. The Portrait

On the website, you will also find additional lessons, some done by other artists. I highly recommend going to the website and looking around, as you will find lots of online content you can access to check out the program. And, you can watch lessons for free or even order a free DVD!


You can order the DVD set for $99.99 or get a monthly subscription, which will allow you to view 4 online classes per month. While $10 sounds good, I do not think one lesson per week would keep my child really invested in the program as each lesson is simple…but, they may get way more complicated as they go forward.

And, that may work for your child. I am honestly unsure about whether that’s a good option. I actually wish you could just buy the dvds individually, and get a few at a time to do at least two lessons per week….

Overall, I like the teaching. I think the teacher enjoys kids and this comes through in her manner and her desire to empower kids to be creative and to hear the Gospel.

So, check out these childrens art classes.

You can also read what my fellow reviewers thought about See The Light, here

I received the first DVD in the See The Light program and a sampler cd for Review purposes, I have given my honest opinion.

When I first opened my package from Timberdoodle and pulled out the Simply Draw with Bob Parsons Materials, I was impressed with the paper quality of the contents. The text is imprinted on nice thick cardstock type sheets. I like that. It makes me think it might survive a while in our house!

041-174-2TLater, as I put the sheets of lessons in a binder (200 pages) I noticed that in each chapter some sheets are designed so that your budding artist can just draw right in his/her book, if they wish to. I like the idea of that—it kind of builds ownership—I think.  Later, I realized that the set includes a pdf set of practice pages as well—so that is useful for families with many students who want to reuse these lessons again and again.

As I looked in through all the materials, I also noticed and liked the author’s note, “The purpose of this book is to inspire people of all ages to enjoy drawing” Overall, the lessons are portrayed with a kind of cartoonish style—with a lot of pen and ink sketches. But do not be fooled by all the cartoon influence. This book lays a serious foundation of basic art terms and techniques and each chapter builds upon the previous one.

Within each lesson, there are several exercises and as your student works through these steps he/she will end up with a final drawing that they can be proud of.

I noticed that the author is a Dad of 6…so that explains his use of cartoon and comedy to walk students through basic art techniques, step by step, using fun illustrations. Kind of like my husband uses the “Robot” to help our little ones get to bed!

You can see a complete listing of the contents of Simply Draw, here.

I have to say that I have absolutely no artistic talent. I am so in awe of artists! As I looked through this art study, I was surprised that it made me want to draw. I think that is because the graphics in the book really pop out at you and it seems possible that you CAN do it…But, anyway, several of my kids are quite good, so I was excited to see what they had to say about Simply Draw.

My son, Sports Guy, offered his review services. He has a natural talent for art and he enjoyed the section on Short Parallel Lines and moved on into Shading and Shadow Tips. He also went ahead and drew the spaceship–in that lesson they are working on foreshortening and rectangle-oval strategy.

I have included some of his work in the photos. He commented that he liked the lessons—that they “were straightforward.”

I asked him to use the DVD as well, and he did not prefer that. The DVD is only for the computer and our computer did not recognize the Quicktime format at first. That was a bit of a pain. Sports Guy felt that was unnecessary anyway. He preferred just to use the book anyway.  I think some kids might enjoy watching the DVD and working with that—maybe a younger child, especially.

The DVD is for the computer. It does include extra PDF lesson forms to use.

The DVD is for the computer. It does include extra PDF lesson forms to use.

To be honest, I liked watching. You can see an example of the lessons below.

I think this curriculum is very good for a young teen, especially from about 10 to 15 (it is set up for ages 8+–so that would be a focused child, I think). I also think many of the lessons may particularly appeal to boys. The cost of the program is $37.50.

You can find more information on Simply Draw by Bob Parsons or other Homeschool Art Supplies on the Timberdoodle Website.

Check it out

Check it out

Timberdoodle has tons of homeschool curriculum and supplies. You can also “like” their Facebook page here, for more information.

As a member of Timberdoodle‘s Blogger Review Team I received a free copy of Simply Draw in exchange for a frank and unbiased review.