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So, you’ve heard of the World Cup…

You know that thing with the ball that happens every four years? It’s taking place in South Africa right now.

You may wonder…Why is this important? Why should I watch something that the United States already got kicked out of? Why should I watch the football with a round ball? Didn’t that Landon Donovan guy –the star US striker– didn’t he divorce his wife? The chick from Rules of Engagement on CBS? Well, yes he did and his performance in this year’s world cup almost helped mend his marriage. Until he mentioned that he possibly impregnated a British woman…Wait I’m getting off track.

So you haven’t watched any of the Cup’s games yet. More importantly you haven’t made your children watch the games. Well, don’t fret. You can make up for that on Friday when the Quarterfinals begin. That’s right there are eight teams left– Seven games left to watch.

Why should you sit your child or teenager down and force them to watch the World Cup?

There are so many reasons…how about because of all the politics?

fifaHow cool is it that 210 teams played to qualify and 32 countries qualified and have been competing? If you download the FIFA app on your ipod or itouch, your kids can even check out the national flag and song for each team (my 5 year old loves doing this, and it’s a free app!)

Think of all the interest your daughter will have in foreign affairs when she sees that cute Argentinean score that hat trick! (I’m talking about Messi who has been hailed as one of the best players ever)

And… downtime between goals there are serious values you can teach your children while watching together:

  • Respect for other cultures
  • Sportsmanship
  • Team playing
  • They probably don’t know what “offsides” means
  • The soccer federation is still somewhat anti-technology so what the ref calls goes –i.e. sometimes life isn’t fair–that means no repeat camera viewing to make a decision
  • The clock starts at zero and runs until 90 (with respect for halftime of course),
  • Why it’s so important that the soccer federation had South Africa host one of the largest world championships
  • Dedication to ability and talent
  • And one more: the fun of Yelling and Screaming when the team you pick wins or goes home!

Start watching Friday as the eight teams fight for the monumental honor Italy took home in 2006.

It’s summer time–so go ahead grab some snacks, turn up the TV and beat the mid day heat. Your children will thank you. Well maybe not right away: when your son is grown and his Italian supermodel girlfriend doesn’t know more about soccer than him then he’ll thank you.

If you don’t get ESPN –Head over to where you can watch the games streaming live.  If the 9:30am or 2:00pm games are too early for you, at you can watch the games you’ve missed at no cost anytime after they’ve finished.

ZakumiAnd the mascot isn’t too bad either. His name is Zakumi the “Za” means South Africa and the “kumi” means 10. South African World Cup 2010.

How’s that for some Homeschool?