Sue Patrick Workbox System Review

Heather —  October 26, 2009

Sue Patrick Workbox System

Summary & Rating: 4. If you feel that your homeschool could benefit from a more structured, organized system–or if some of your children may prefer that, than this ebook and system could be wonderful for you.

When I initially received The Workbox System ebook to review, I felt a bit excited and overwhelmed at the same time.  I am teaching two of my children at home and they have very different temperaments and learning styles. At times I do feel that I could be doing much better with more organization–but, I also felt that I did not have the tools or the time to really shake everything up. As I looked over the two basic ideas, I began to feel that this system could work well for our family. The system has two main components:

  1. To incorporate a physical structure and process into your teaching
  2. To organize your current curriculum into the physical structure and process in such a way as to motivate your student, while leading them to be more independent.

You can also read about the benefits of her system, here. I also saw an interview with Sue on the Love To Know Website. This is a good overall discussion of the system. While this system can be useful in many learning environments, it is especially helpful for children with special needs. In fact, Sue originally created this system to support her autistic son.

I have incorporated many of Sue’s ideas into our homeschooling. My sister is an occupational therapist and I am familiar with many of the concepts that Sue discusses. I like having the ability to feel more in control of the day’s work and my children like to be able to see what they are doing.

We have set up our boxes and it can make life simpler. I can see that in many situations the boxes and the cards can enable the children to focus more on their learning…it is more like school, I think. Being the rebel I am, though, I still enjoy having days where we do not load the boxes, but just curl up on the couch to read up on particular subjects–that is part of the glory of homeschooling:)

Overall, I feel like incorporating workboxes was a great exercise. I like that this system gives me the power to choose which direction we will go. Now, I know I CAN be very organized, if I so choose:) Before working with this system, I felt that it could not be done so easily. I was wrong!

The ebook is priced at $19 and includes the following chapters:

  1. The Benefits of Homeschooling
  2. How We Teach and Train
  3. What is the Workbox System?
  4. Who is this System for?
  5. How a Day Works
  6. Curriculum and Materials
  7. Breaking Down Curriculum for Success
  8. Life Skill Foundations
  9. Discipline and the Workbox System
  10. Problem Solving and Specializing Your Child’s Education
  11. Family Dynamics and Homeschooling
  12. Tips, Tricks, and Problem Solving
  13. Resources

As you register your book purchase, many other items are available to download directly from her site. To read a sample from the ebook, go here.

You can either create your own pieces of your system (like I did, with help from talented friends!) Or, you can easily organize the physical structure by going to the website and clicking through Sue’s links. For instance, she recommends a cart from Target (you can click to purchase). You can purchase a complete starter kit for two children which includes many items central to the system such as:

  • Schedule strips
  • Workbox numbers (including a duplicate set)
  • Clocking In Pockets
  • Work With Mom cards
  • I need Help Cards

Sue also offers a consulting package and does presentations on her system around the country. See here to see Sue’s speaking schedule.

To purchase the Workbox System ebook or supplies, go to the website, here.

* If you have an immediate family member in active service, you can email Sue to request a copy of her e-book for free.

**Please note: Used copies of this book will not be eligible for website registration and free downloading of materials.

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The Sue Patrick Workbox System User’s Guide ebook and 6 week trial website membership was provided to me for the purpose of my review. I received no compensation and I have expressed my unbiased opinion on this product.


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