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Heather —  September 7, 2009

Subscribe to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for 7.95 (banner to one-year print subscription)

Subscribe or renew to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for only 7.95!

Homeschooling is a Labor of Love, and the Old Schoolhouse™ Magazine is celebrating your hard work as a parent by putting their one-year print subscriptions on sale! For a very limited time, you can subscribe or renew for $7.95! (US only). This is a GREAT price on a great mag–the magazine retails at about 7.99 per copy. (I just checked the other day at Barnes & Noble). This is $7.95 for the year!! (a savings of over 68%)

If you are considering homeschooling, or looking for some parenting support, this is a good chance to take a look at the magazine for a minimal cost. If you are a homeschool parent, you know you need this:) Sign up now and get the back to school issue! I really look forward to these issues, and ALWAYS find something to implement with my family. Frankly, there have been other good deals on the subscriptions with added values, etc…but this is the lowest price I’ve seen.

You can buy a gift sub for friends too! To gift a subscription:
1. Go to the one-year subscription page (US only)
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
3. Enter the name, address, email, and phone information for each recipient
4. click “Add this to my cart”.
5. The information will display in your cart and simply proceed to check out.

This price will be available for the next 14 days–or until 2000 are gone. There are only 2000 of these available, and they are going quickly! Your subscription begins with their Fall Issue.

If you live in an international location, you can subscribe to their digital edition for only $7.95! It’s the same great content as their print magazine, except it is instant and interactive!

Subscribe to the digital edition of TOS Magazine for only $7.95. (text link to digital)


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