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Heather —  September 22, 2009

StudyPod: Study Smarter and Finish Faster With The StudyPod Book Holder!

Awesome Tool

Awesome Tool

Summary & Rating: Definitely a 5, for both low price and overall usefulness! Don’t you love it when you get a package? I really do. I love getting things for the kids…but, when I got this StudyPod package, I felt like it was made for me! I once had a cookbook holder, and one of my kids took it. I have no idea what happened to it…I liked that and used it. But, that holder was nothing in comparison to this StudyPod book holder. This holder is designed to allow you to use it with any size book (big, small, few pages or many pages) and it sets up so you can easily turn pages. It also folds easily for portability and has a pocket to store your “study stuff,” pens, post-its, candy…whatever. It is lightweight. I chose this picture, below:


because it shows a teen using it to hold guitar music…which is what my son wants it for! (I am going to buy some for my kids because they ARE useful and I don’t want to share). I saw my dd typing and I meant to give her my StudyPod–she was all hunched over! Just like this photo from their website:

Such a Simple Thing--But it makes life easier!

Such a Simple Thing--But It Makes Life Easier!

The creator of this is onto something.

I just want to buy some more for my kids. This is a good little present for your student or yourself. I just LOVE it when something works! (My Dad is an architect and he is always into that as well–it is funny when I realize how much like my parents I am!)

Anyway, the StudyPods come in black, blue and pink and they are available online for $19.95.

Actually, if you buy several, they do offer a discount on the website.  BUT, just for seeing this on a TOS Crew blog (mine:) you can get a $5 discount on one–use the coupon code TOSBLOG5 on your online order. The video below shows how it works– Go check it out!

Excellent. I Love it!

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  1. Wow! This looks great and my kids will love it! Thanks!!