Step2 Easel and Wagon Fun Gifts for Children

Heather —  December 13, 2012
Little Budding Artist

Little Budding Artist

Looking for a fun and educational gift for a child?

As a homeschool mom, I’m always on the lookout for items that can be used time and time again, in new and creative ways, and this writing, drawing and playing easel from Step 2 is perfect!

The vertical easel is technically for kids 3 and up (because of some of the small pieces made to place on the boards) But, this little handsome guy keeps wanting to play with it and draw!

Now, with the two sides, a big and little brother can both have a “piece” of Easel. There is a chalk board on one side and a magnetized dry erase board on the other side. When we put it together, it did take a strong shove to get all the pieces aligned, but once in place, it felt very sturdy. The Easel is simple to clean, with smooth plastic and storage bins that come off to clean as well. It is lightweight and can be moved from one room to another for use easily.

A nice addition to a  childs room or toyroom.

Take a look at the All Around Easel for Two on

Now, what is new out there for Moms AND kids that is fun?

My teenager puts it together for me!

My teenager puts it together for me!

Check out this Canopy Cruise Wagon! The adorable two-seater wagon is a wonderful item to make mom’s life easier, while allowing the kids to have a good time.

step2 wagon drink holders

I really like this lightweight yet sturdy wagon. The wagon has space for two children to be safely buckled in and shaded from the sun while going for a ride. I wish I had one of these when my daughter was younger! My daughter loved the little built in cupholders for little ones drinks and storage for snacks.

Emma checks the wagon out

Emma checks the wagon out for her younger cousins!

Yes, at age 7 1/2, Em is too big for this wagon! I let her sit in it though, to show how sturdy this wagon is! I think this would be a good wagon for a, say 1 1/2 year old to a 6 year old. The wagon was not hard to put together, with very few pieces and the canopy portion comes off for storage. The wagon handle also folds down under the wagon for easier storage and taking in the car.

I think this would be a nice way to take the kids to the beach, the playground…just makes it a little more fun when you have more than one child. Using this, they won’t feel “stuck” in a stroller, but more like they are on a grand adventure!

Check out the Canopy Cruise Wagon from


*I am a Step2 Review Mom and I did receive the above products for review. I received no additional compensation and I have given my opinion.

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