Song School Latin Review

Heather —  March 30, 2011

I just had to share this video. When I told Emma I wanted to do a little review video for her Latin, she replied that she would do it. I kind of laughed and forgot about it. She came back a bit later with this video she did all by herself!

A little while ago, I received Song School Latin for review. Prior to getting this review, the thought of teaching my kindergartener Latin had only briefly flitted through my mind, when I was researching and choosing some Classical curriculum.

I had decided to incorporate much more classical based studies into Em’s elementary curriculum plans, but deep down, I thought Latin was something that would be too difficult for her and I—and I suspected it would be boring and stuffy. I decided to avoid Latin.

So, it was ironic when I got this to review. I have to say, the study really has changed my concept of what Latin is and I am so glad! The text we have is called Song School Latin, and it is an introductory curriculum for little ones. It is anything but stuffy! The curriculum includes:

  • 30 weekly lessons including review chapters
  • 100 + everyday vocabulary words
  • Accompanying children’s music CD (30 songs) comes in the back of each student text
  • Classical and Ecclesiastical pronunciations in both text and CD
  • Interactive workbook text with lots of activities
  • Grade level: Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

We are on about lesson 12 and have been doing the study as an added little fun thing in our homeschool. Each lesson has 3-4 pages with a song or songs that go with the lesson. The audio CD has decent singing, adding new words to old familiar tunes. We usually listen to the songs several times and then begin the workbook work. The illustrations are attractive and Emma likes the little monkey.

So far, most of the lessons entail learning up to 8 words and the exercises vary with matching and simple answer…a bit of writing and some cutting and coloring. Overall, I find the 30 minutes or so spent on Latin to be very enjoyable and Emma does also. Now, I see Latin as just another language to play with…not some mysterious thing.

The one thing I was a bit confused about as a new teacher was whether to choose to use Classical or Ecclesiastical pronunciations. I actually did not follow directions in the beginning (yeah, so me) so I ended up choosing by not choosing—we just started with the audio on Classical, so I stuck with that.

Now, Emma is a good student and loves writing. That makes my life easier as a teacher. But even if you have a child who doesn’t like the writing, this text would work, because the audio is such a strong part of the program and much of the workbook has the little ones drawing lines to match and circling and such. I definitely think this is a good curriculum to begin with so the children look forward to learning Latin.

Classical Academic Press has a very user friendly website. You can see samples and faqs and find coloring pages, all kinds of helps. Here are a few places to start:

Normally, I would just give you a link to this recap of Song School Latin, but, I really like this video description. We have experienced about everything the company has said they would offer. My daughter enjoys the Latin and we play they audio for fun…and she is easing into a pretty good little Latin vocabulary!

See what my crewmates have to say about Classical Academic Press and Song School Latin.

I received Song School Latin through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.


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6 responses to Song School Latin Review

  1. We reviewed Latin for Children A but I had purchased Song School Latin last year at our local homeschool convention. We daughter loved it and said that it was her favorite subject (she was in 1st). She now likes Latin for Children A as well. Great review and I love her video!

    • Thanks so much Christine:) Good to hear Latin for Children A is working for your daughter. She is such a cutie–I wish she was closer and could visit with Emma!

  2. Great review! We’ve loved Latin at the middle school level – would have been cool to start it sooner!

    • Isn’t that neat they can do it so early? Surprised me! I hope you are finding good info on what german curriculum is good….?

  3. Oh my goodness, Heather! Emma’s video review is adorable!! Tell her she did a great job! I reviewed Latin Alive & Loved it!

    • Thank you! I will tell her–she always surprises me, I love it! I am so glad you liked Latin Alive!