Simple Math Practice. Math Facts Now Review

Heather —  January 5, 2011

This is an interesting review for me as I am writing it. The main reason? Well, because this review has reminded me that:

  1. Not to always go with my first opinion
  2. That I should verbalize and/or email my thoughts and feelings sometimes, because sometimes, things can be changed to suit my purposes!

So, let me explain myself a bit. I received Math Facts Now, which is a computer math program which reinforces math facts though simple drills. The program is no-frills. By that I mean, no avatars and worlds to explore…that type of thing. Just straight math practice.

I needed to use this program with my youngest, and when the two of us first sat down and uploaded the program, I was not ecstatic. I am really not a no-frills girl…and neither is she. But, I know there is value in some types of memorization and repetition, so we gave it a go. I quickly found that some of the programming details, which would be helpful in pressuring…lets say leading…an older child to perform were just too difficult for my little one. Now, when I refer to programming details, I mean some of the portions of the game that you can control to suit what your child needs practice in. Some of the presets were just too advanced for her. Bearing in mind that she is only 5 ½, you can probably imagine how our first session went.

I messed around with the program a bit, but then decided it could be useful for ages, probably about 8 and up, and did not ask my daughter to try it anymore.

Well, some of my intelligent TOS reviewer friends had similar experiences and contacted the creator. He immediately responded by creating a few additional options that made it easier to use this program with younger students.

So…we went back in, and the first time, my daughter played until I made her stop to go to bed! I was surprised and pleased. A simple Math facts practice that she enjoys doing. And yes, there are no fancy avatars and award sheets, but I can set the game for as few as 10 questions, choose which facts she will go over–say addition of just 1 and 2 to numbers up to 12—and then I can include a reward that we have chosen—like a piece of bubble gum—and then, if she gets all the problems correct, she gets a pop up message that she gets the gum.

math facts now

Now, if she does not get the question correct, she needs to retype the entire equation 2x. At first, I thought this was too hard for her, but after doing well a few times, she realized that having to type the equation was not a horrible punishment, and that after doing that, she often got the question right easily in the future. Haha. Voila! The power of practice.

This program is inexpensive, simple and very usable as an extra in your homeschool–or even to help with homework for public schoolers. Make your beginning lessons simple and choose doable rewards and this is a winner.

You can get an instant download for $15.95 or purchase the CD for $15.95 plus a small shipping fee.

System Requirements: Runs on Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista and Windows 7. 4.5 Mb of free hard drive space required.

Go check out the Math Facts Now website for more info. Also you can get a free trial of Math Facts Now.

See what my crewmates have to say about Math Facts Now

I received materials from Math Facts Now through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.


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