Send Your Kids Back In Time with Timberdoodle Graphic Novels

Heather —  December 7, 2009

You know,


I bought a set of historical graphic novels

for her older siblings…


Yet, this one is always carrying a pile of them around.

It was interesting explaining the reformation with a four year old.

I’m pretty sure I did a lousy job.

But, it makes me so happy she loves to read.


You know, lately, I think you could walk into my home and be amazed by the really cool things we are able to study and do in our homeschool. We have come a long way from when we first started! Along the way, I have gotten help and ideas from many people and places. I just found another new resource in the Timberdoodle company.

This week, we may not have been lugging around giant textbooks or laptops, or traveling to science and art museums, but my family and I learned a ton and had a wonderful time with an impromptu week of history. It all began when I got a package of Stories From History Graphic Novels from Timberdoodle.

Inside the box was a set of ten historical based graphic novels. Now, I know the term graphic novel can be a very loose term. In this case, when I use the term graphic novels, I am referring to a story told in the comics form—a sort of novel in pictures with a nice glossy binding. Some graphic novels do not have text, but these do and plenty of historical details to boot.

So, my kids and I lit a fire, made some hot chocolate, talked about how the graphic novel came to be…and then dove into some extra history!

We went back in time, reading about intense battles, secret plots, Queens, Indians, artists and World War II. The novels are nonfiction and I love it that the children get the history facts and excitement in a fun format. So far, I feel that the historical information given is correct and I learned a thing or two…well, quite a few things!

My 14, 14 and 13 year-olds say they are “not boring or anything…” Hmmm. Actually that means a lot, coming from my 13 year old. She particularly liked the Anne Frank one. My book lover, my 14 year old son, read through them all right away and has been dropping facts all week.

I am impressed by the graphic design, paper and binding quality. The illustrations are full color with plenty of bright, busy pictures to capture even a non-reader’s attention.

Note: With a little one, though, you may want to explain the battle scenes a bit. The novels are listed for ages 8 to 14, grade levels 3 to 8, but my four year old is also carrying them everywhere. She is really into the T-Rex one and earlier wanted to know everything about Elizabeth I…and I think that is fantastic.

Each one of the novels runs about 48 pages. We have the following ones:

*When I checked online, I see they are now including an additional one in the set: The Building of the Great Pyramid

Anyway, one of my favorite things about them is that on top of the actual story, they also have good tools for my students to use–for example, in the The Life of Christopher Columbus, there is a Cast page, break-out maps, a Timeline of Columbus’ Life, a Did You Know section, a great glossary and an index. Man, these are some modern comic books!

I like the fact boxes and maps

I like the fact boxes and maps

These are on a special sale right now: $16.95. What? Really. Priced individually, these run $6.95. And, truly, I would feel decent if I got them at a bookstore for about $5 each. And, you know, I’m REALLY cheap:)

Originally, the set was priced at $76.45. So with the markdown, get eleven novels for under $20 bucks. I love blogging about a quality deal.

Check them out!

Check them out!

Note from the company: “Page 13 of Gladiators and the Story of the Colosseum and page 26 of The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci may need a touch of white-out depending on your family’s modesty standards. Also, The Discovery of T. Rex is not written from a young-earth perspective so it does make statements such as, “This huge beast lived 85-65 million years ago…” A touch of white-out and/or some clarifying discussion can easily rectify that.”

I want to note that Timberdoodle offers a bunch of other homeschool curriculum and items for learning fun. Check out their site for other types of graphic novels and all kinds of learning toys and games.

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Timberdoodle. In order to make my review worthwhile to others, I give my honest opinion! Shoot, this one’s a deal.


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