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Heather —  April 22, 2011

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It’s time for Art Class! Today, I’d like to share about a new art resource that Em and I have just been reviewing, See The Light Art Class.

While Em is just a bit of the young side for this program, I was curious to see what we would think of an art program with classes online and on DVD—for these classes, Mom would not be teaching, we’d just be getting direct instruction from the Art Teacher.

The art teacher is Pat Knepley, Master Artist.  With an Art Ed. degree and a career in Childrens Ministry, Pat has combined her passions of drawing and teaching and is now sharing her skills with children everywhere with See The Light Art Class, this series of 36 drawing lessons for children of elementary school age.

We received the first 4 lessons as well as a bonus lesson for Easter. Each lesson ran about 15 minutes, and the lessons began very simply. I like Pat’s presentation and teaching style and find it perfect for young students. She establishes a rapport with the children, specifically telling them several times that they CAN do art. She speaks slowly and with excitement about how the children can use their God given creativity and helps them to really feel that they can succeed at creating artwork. While she teaches, the background is not distracting, and she keeps the art supplies to a minimum.

My daughter really did not feel like doing the lessons when I asked her to come see them. At just 6, she already often gets frustrated and wants to give up on creative endeavors when she decides “It just doesn’t look right.” Eeekk!! I feel sad, and know that I need to help my budding perfectionist feel free to try and have fun!

Anyway, so you get the picture? My baby wants to give up every time her artwork is not Mona Lisa quality. We had a rough start. While the lessons become progressively more difficult, the first lesson was very easy. My daughter watched and drew along, eyeing the dvd critically…as Pat discussed how to hold a pencil to create several kinds of lines.

Now, also, Pat is adding in a bit of Bible study during each lesson. After finishing the second lesson, Em was not as critical, and informed me that, “I wish we did this art in OUR Sunday school.”

Things went on pretty easily from there! Although we only did a few lessons, so far, I think this is a great option for Art instruction for young kids. I actually have an Art program we use that I like, but having dvds available like this…well, this makes it so simple for me and personally, I like integrating some Bible lessons as well.

The Lessons that are available right now include the main set of 9 DVDs with 36 lessons, 4 lessons per DVD. These teach:

  1. The Basics
  2. Shape and Space
  3. Value and Color
  4. Color Blending Techniques
  5. Proportions for Composition
  6. Texture and Form
  7. Perspective for the Landscape
  8. Balance and Foreshortening
  9. The Portrait

On the website, you will also find additional lessons, some done by other artists. I highly recommend going to the website and looking around, as you will find lots of online content you can access to check out the program. And, you can watch lessons for free or even order a free DVD!


You can order the DVD set for $99.99 or get a monthly subscription, which will allow you to view 4 online classes per month. While $10 sounds good, I do not think one lesson per week would keep my child really invested in the program as each lesson is simple…but, they may get way more complicated as they go forward.

And, that may work for your child. I am honestly unsure about whether that’s a good option. I actually wish you could just buy the dvds individually, and get a few at a time to do at least two lessons per week….

Overall, I like the teaching. I think the teacher enjoys kids and this comes through in her manner and her desire to empower kids to be creative and to hear the Gospel.

So, check out these childrens art classes.

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I received the first DVD in the See The Light program and a sampler cd for Review purposes, I have given my honest opinion.


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