Polly Pockets Playsets Fun for Girls #Sponsored #MC

Heather —  July 1, 2013
Emma playing with Zipline Adventure Polly Pockets

Emma playing with Zipline Adventure Polly Pockets

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Polly Pocket. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”*

We have had Polly Pockets dolls around our home for over 10 years now! My older daughter loved the Polly dolls when they were new and spent hours setting up her dolls with the little teeny outfits.

Over time, the Polly Pocket sets have grown and we still have a bunch of Polly sets. They are always imaginative and fun for my kids. The little portable ones make it easy to bring dolls along on errands and the bigger sets seem to keep them entertained for hours.

The newest Polly Pocket sets even surprised me. First of all, they now have Polly dolls that can change color in water temperature and the sets are more adventurous in nature, like the Zip ‘N Splash playset we got to check out.

Polly Pocket zip and splash playset

Polly Pocket Zip ‘N Splash playset is great for bath time

On top of that, the latest Wall Party sets can be used for play and décor!

Seriously, this is a GENIUS idea. I always say, the “floor is not a shelf,” and my kids laugh and pick up their toys (or fuss and pick up their toys). But the latest sets from Polly Pocket can be applied to a playroom or bedroom wall and the kids can play right there, which is adorable looking and also, they get to leave their toys out! My daughter loves these and I think they look really cute in her room.

Emma setting up Wall Party Polly Pocket playset

Emma setting up Wall Party Polly Pocket playset

I really only share things I like and I think these are fun. They are just plain fun and do encourage imaginative play. Plus, this wall décor idea is really new and entertaining, I think.

Need some toys for a car ride, birthday gifts or presents for your daughters, granddaughters or neices? I always seem to and I get to give you a DISCOUNT!

I encourage you to check out the newest Polly Pocket Sets. If you want to buy one from my Amazon Social Store on this review, it should be really easy. Let me know if you have any trouble.

Just click on this link:


Through Sunday, July 7th, the Polly Pocket items promoted on my store have been discounted to the following:

  • Polly Pocket Zip ‘N Splash Playset: Previously: $17.99 Now: $15.95
  • Polly Pocket Wall Party Tree House Playset: Previously: $19.99 Now: $11.99
  • Polly Pocket Wall Party Ultimate All-in-One Playset: Previously $74.99 Now: $47.99

I have seen that these prices may go even lower – click that store link to see. Right now, the Zip ‘N Splash is showing under $10. That is a great price. This discount is only available for a limited time and seems like a great sale!


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  1. These look like fun, I really like that it is an interactive toy and you can put them wall as a decoration!