Planning a Perfect Outdoor Summer Sendoff Party with #KmartOutdoor

Heather —  August 6, 2012

My kids love the outdoors, and having a comfortable setup really uses that space. You know, so they don’t have to hang out in the …trees!

So often, I have dreams of my what my perfect oasis would look like…I may not be an interior designer, but I like beautiful spaces and I want my family to enjoy our home together.

I had a great time creating a special Summer Celebration Party Plan with the Polyvore clips and outdoor decor from Kmart today.

I love to make home a fun place to be, especially when the older ones are going away come Fall.  We are surrounded by Woods, and when I say Nature is everywhere, I mean that!

 this is my backyard!


In the city I am not!

Nature is awesome, and we have a lovely yard, in that we are in the Shenandoah Mountains. We have deer running around, stars, privacy…all kinds of sweet things. But, we need a bit of comfort for good entertaining!

We have an Upper and Lower deck.

They could both use some TLC!

nice but poorly used space

Yes, I do not have a lot of seating or lights! When I began planning a Back to School Party, outdoor furniture and lights were forefront on my mind. I really want a liveable space that can stand up to kids and weather.

I began by looking through the new online Kmart Social Circular.

Oh Yeah! It’s that time of year again! “Time to reconnect with friends and family over the neighborhood barbeque, to decorate the yard, maybe even have a backyard date night on the patio. But how do you find the inspiration to create your perfect outdoor oasis? Kmart can help with every item you need to make your outdoor space as warm and welcoming as your indoor space. From patio furniture, seating sets, lawn furniture and grills, Kmart brings you amazing deals on great brands.  Check back regularly for inspirational designs from real shoppers, just like you, who were able to create the perfect Summer space at a great price! is your one-stop shop for inspiration, new products and savings to make your dream outdoor space come true!

kmart patio

I found many good, affordable options here

I personally loved some of the cushioned pieces and I am thinking about doing one deck in one design and another in a more trendy, fun college vibe. So, I focused on creating somewhere all my teens and college kids could come and go and relax and hang out. It should not be stuffy, yet it should be comfortable. And, I wanted pretty lights and shade from the hot sun or heat to warm everyone should the party go late.

I wish I could make an awesome hangout so they all want to come home asap! Yes, I will miss them as they go off to college. This year, I am ready for it. A few years ago, I was devastated and cried for hours after my son left.

Now, I still miss him, and I will cry, but I know he is following his dreams and I am proud of him. Still, I want to create special memories and special, comfortable places so he really wants to come home!

I did a google+ album as I shopped! (You can peek at what I looked at if you like).

I am excited to share some of what I ended up with! Tons of things are on sale too, right now. I

Perfect Outdoor Summer Sendoff Party with Kmart

So, what do you think of my Polyvore collection??

I did like many of the items in the Kmart circular. I tried to choose things I thought would keep college kids interested in the celebration.

  • I chose a bar type table, rather than a settee…I figured kids like to keep moving and talking.
  • If the party was during the day, shade is important to me, so I added the really nice umbrella. If it was at night (which is more likely) I could use the heater and the firepit.
  • I really LOVE having a firepit going during a get together. There is just something special about the warmth and light given off and they are safe with a lid!
  • I did not add a grill, because we have one, but that would be a necessity and #KmartOutdoor did have some great sale prices on those.
  • I added a really nice set for the other deck. This was a $900 seating arrangement on sale for $400.
  • And, of course, you always need beautiful lighting!

let me know what YOU think of my choices by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down!

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For more ideas and information, check out:


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5 responses to Planning a Perfect Outdoor Summer Sendoff Party with #KmartOutdoor

  1. I love the tree. My son would be all over that. He climbs any tree he can find. Those patio set ups are beautiful. I would love something like that.

  2. We spend a lot of time outdoors. Love the patio set. Sadly there is no K Mart here. I miss them

  3. I love your backyard! It must feel like you are up in a tree fort when you are out on your deck!

  4. I love the thought of the bar height table for the older kids! Mine our younger so the bar height is hard for them but it would be great for older kids to keep them moving yet involved in the party area!

    Now I must figure out where you live … we are just on the East side of the Blue Ridge!;)

    • 🙂 Thanks, Beth! I know, I first realized a bar height table would work better for us even for a dinner table (a Pub table) when I had 3 guys who were about 6’2! I hope you are close, Love your site!