Park Math By Duck Duck Moose, A Review

Heather —  September 25, 2010

Park Math is another ingenious little App from the same people who created Fish School, an App I reviewed a few months ago. This App makes math fun! I should have known that App designers who are named Duck Duck Moose have good sense when it comes to fun games.

With Park Math, the child progress from simple counting to more advanced number concepts. This app would be appropriate for both Preschool and Kindergarten ages, say 2-6. As children play with Blue Bear and his friends on the playground, Park Math teaches counting, addition, subtraction, sorting and more.

So far, my daughter is enjoying this app and continues to ask to play with it. Kids know what they really like–and those are the things she asks for over and over:) She seems to get a kick out of the sorting and she likes the music, which includes well done instrumental music with nursery rhymes like This Old Man, Skip to My Lou, Five Little Ducks, The Muffin Man, and Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.

(I later learned that this music was done with cello and guitar–thank you Duck, Duck–often I have to ask my kids to turn down the volume so my ears do not hurt…but this app is lovely–I even like little bears voice!)

As my daughter is my youngest and I think she is smart, I find I tend to push her and get items that are a bit ahead of her true readiness level. Several of the other Math apps I have downloaded for her are really just a bit too difficult for her–and instead of helping her enjoy Math, I am afraid I am making it hard and unpleasant. So, I was really glad to see her just have fun with this one–and she is still learning important concepts.

The Park Math really is making hard concepts accessible to young kids–sorting and counting are easy and fun–not boring and repetitious..and I love it that she can control the game–she decides if she wants to do subtraction or counting, for example.

The overall game includes 7 educational games that teach a math concept and kids can easily choose which they want to play by choosing kites:

  • SWING: NUMBERS – Count up to 50 as a rabbit swings.
  • SLIDE: ADDITION — Help ducks climb to the top of a slide and learn how to add.
  • SEESAW: GREATER THAN/LESS THAN — Balance a seesaw by adding and subtracting mice.
  • APPLE TREE: SUBTRACTION — Learn how to subtract as apples fall from a tree.
  • SANDBOX: PATTERNS — Complete the pattern in a sandbox with the correct toy.
  • BENCH: SORTING — Order the dogs from small to large.  Order numbers in sequence.
  • PICNIC: COUNTING — Feed a hippo the correct number of food items.

The Official Word: “Park Math includes 2 levels for Preschool and Kindergarten.  Level 1 includes counting up to 20 and addition/subtraction with numbers up to 5.  Level 2 includes counting up to 50 and addition/subtraction with numbers up to 10.  The iPad version, Park Math HD, will be released shortly, and will include a third level for First Grade with counting up to 100 and addition/subtraction with numbers up to 20.” Wish I had an IPad!!

Anyway, Park Math – by Duck Duck Moose is available on iTunes for $1.99.

My opinion? Get it. A Definite Winner!!

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