Heather —  August 18, 2013

Have you heard of I AM SECOND?


This is a website, a project, a… movement…

that is worth looking into. I am nearing the end of the 22 day challenge and so far I am in awe of the project.

When I first went to look, I was a bit worried to even click on the videos. I mean, they were supposed to be authentic stories from people in all walks of life. So that would make the videos, probably (I figured) stories of the trouble and pain that did draw them to Christ.

After checking it out though, I love the project. The videos are so well produced and each person tells their story with such clarity. I am truly a reader, not a watcher. But this century, visual things have meaning to far more people and this site fills a very important need. I am doing the 22 Day Challenge. One of my favorite videos so far is:


Each story I have watched has brought me to the brink of tears, where, I’m going, “yes, that can happen, that’s horrible stuff” And, “yes, I’m so glad you are okay now and have found peace.”

Many of the people who are in the videos are actors and athletes, musicians, and many others are regular people. You can watch a five minute video and share all over the web. (Yes, I keep sharing, it’s good stuff!)

See what you think about the authentic stories on iamsecond.com. You could do the challenge or just choose a topic you are interested in. The site is organized by topic.

Want to help the project? One of the easiest would be to help create more films through Seconds Change: 

Give Change, Make Change  Many more stories are waiting to be told.  You can help  (and this is easy). Commit $2 every Tuesday to build film funds, and your contribution will be used to develop, produce and promote new films. Join the project and become an I am Second insider with access to exclusive content via Facebook.

I am second

So visit the iamsecond website, the Nashville page on facebook and follow them on twitter.

Well planned day planner

Back to School is coming up for us!

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Do you have a planner you love to use for Homeschooling?

-GIVEAWAY OVER- In the past I have done a mix and match sort of thing, using some online planners, some apps, some Mom type calendar systems.

I think even when you are being “laid back” it is magnificent to be able to look back and see that record of all the things you do over the course of a year. Humbling in a good way. Every day adds up into such a special year.

But, you can get overwhelmed trying to organize. So, 

this year, I am trying to simplify, go minimal, go old school…whatever you want to call it.

I want a planner to hold in my hands. A planner that can handle all my sudden thoughts and notes.

I want Minimal, yet a mix of Mom planner and Teacher planner. A planner that’s not afraid to go Biblical on me, reminding me with verses of my faith. A pretty design wouldn’t hurt.

Plus, not an online planner for me this year. No worrying about whether I have printer ink.

When I saw the Well Planned Day Family Planner, I was drooling to get one. (I even wanted it last year).

But, there is such a thing as a budget, so I waited. And then I got a chance to review it!! (*see my notes at the bottom if you’d be interested in being a #HEDUAgal.)

So far, I like what I see.

well planned day planner

great spaces for thinking through school plans

The planner itself is 8.5 x 11, just the size to fit in your book pile or your school bag. It is spiral bound, 236 pages, with coated covers and color throughout.

The year runs July 2013 – June 2014. It is setup to organize Mom and up to four children at a cost of $26.95. (Watch for sales and bundle prices as well.) Or…win my GIVEAWAY!

well planned day planner

great spaces for memories

While the Planner is not unwieldy, it has some of my “must-haves”

  • It melds organization for home and school together. For example, you have school assignments and record keeping and right alongside, grocery lists and home budgeting.
well planned day planner

We do not school (officially) year round, so this is Mom space for now

well planned day planner

Until school starts, these blocks are MOM spots…later they’ll be more daily task/kid oriented…

  • There are special sections for planning field trips, enrichment activities and books to read.
  • They included perforated report cards. I do mine on the computer, but these are adorable and could make someone’s life easier!

Well Planned Day Family Planner

  • There are monthly tabs and a 2 page layout for each month with big blocks to write in.
  • I love the encouraging articles for each month and the verses throughout the planner.

Well Planned Day Family Planner

Overall, I think this Planner is a nice, sturdy one with a decent number of extra things, yet not too many forms I will never use. I like the convenience of not worrying about printing anything out and I’m just happy with this.

Go take a look at the Well Planned Day Family Planner for yourself AND Enter to win one here! (Giveaway ENDED 8/18/2013)

“For legal reasons, this giveaway is open to US residents only.”

Prepare yourself for all the other cool stuff you will see on the HEDUA website. Because they do offer some great other planners, including a wall planner, an online system, and bundles…oh my. Find what would work for your style!

I do also recommend their magazine, I like the articles and get that myself. And, they have a great facebook page and a talk show and reviews…all good stuff. Take a peek at the HEDUA Facebook Page also.

Now, I said I would share this earlier!


HEDUA has an affiliate program. If you are a blogger and would be interested in earning money just for sharing what you love check out this link: http://hedua.com/cart/index.php/affiliates/









healthy popsicle

Zipzicles! We made rootbeer vanilla and blackberry vanilla!

Oh my goodness, it is getting super easy to make healthy treats for your kids. Yesterday, Em and I found “Zipzicles,” little ice pop baggies that let your kids have all the fun of those nasty ice pops, without all the food coloring and awful ingredients.

I used to feel bad, bypassing the giant bags of ice pops for $1. We had fun with those before we knew better!

Anyway the Zipzicles are great. I got a bag of 12. They are bpa free and easy to fill with your favorite pop stuff. We made up our own recipes, then just used a funnel, sealed and froze!



The kids can travel with them, run around with them, and it’s no big deal. I like them and just wanted to share!

Look for them at your “healthy” stores…or online at http://www.zipzicles.com/. I see they have recipes and all.


#Birthday, #Party, #Book

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I have been on a party planning kick. With both my girls old enough to be a big help, I am enjoying throwing a party here and there! Still, I am apprehensive about party planning. I did not get that gene. I like to write, but three dimensional creations worry me. (And that’s putting it nicely).

So, I need all the help I can get to create a special yet not super pricey bash here and there. Enter, “Birthday in a Book: The Complete Party Planning Guide and Toolkit,” by Angie Morrissey.

Angie is one of those amazingly crafty, creative genius people, and through her book series, she is sharing her secrets as she walks the reader through the entire party planning process!

Princess Tea Party

I got to review her ebooks on the Princess Tea Party and Mad Scientist Party this Summer.

Mad Scientist Party

I was thrilled to see these because my niece is almost to the tea party age and my nephew is a mad scientist and should be very impressed with his Aunt Heathers ideas for his next party.

Angie says that “Each book has everything you need to create a themed, on budget, kids birthday party. You can pick and choose which parts of the party theme you want to do based on your time and resources.” And I agree from what I see.

Features of the book series include:

  • PRINTABLES included for invitations, party décor, costumes and more!
  • DIY step-by-step instructions for crafts so you can recreate the party or use the ideas for other celebrations or events. (I just used a few of her Princess Tea Party recipes and ideas during another party I had for my daughter.)
  • Tips and tricks and detailed illustrations that take the guesswork out of party planning.
  • Budget friendly style and philosophy.
  • Buy It directory so that the parties can easily be recreated.

There are 7 chapters in the Princess Tea Party Book, with around 62 pages of detailed directions. Truly detailed! Look at some of the beautiful things you can make:

Princess Tea Party

You’ll see ideas for everything from invitations to party games, from table décor to full menus with recipes.

I especially like the tablescapes, costumes, printables and full recipes. And, if you do not want to make something, she offers online links and suggestions on where to buy that item. Another unique part of her book is her “little Helper” sections, where Angie mentions ways the kids can help with their party, making it so much more meaningful to them!

The Mad Scientist Party is hilarious!

Mad Scientist Party


This book follows a similar format and has tons of fun experiments, like Egg in a Bottle, Slime, and Erupting Volcano the kids can do while dressed up in their lab coats. Need security badges? Angie’s got them. Cool.

There are more themes coming up! I’m waiting with excitement to see her Owl Sleepover Party (we are SO doing that).

  • Mad Scientist and Princess Tea Party – Available Everywhere eBooks Are Sold
  • Superhero and Owl Sleepover – August 2013
  • Over the Rainbow and Dinosaur Dig – September 2013
  • Camping and Under the Sea – October 2013

* Paperback books of the entire series will be available at all major bookstores and are scheduled for release in spring 2014.

Go check it out on Facebook and Twitter, and visit the Birthday in a Book website!
This was really fun and I bet you’ll enjoy taking a look. Plus, Angie even shares party photos, printables and sometimes giveaways on her site.



A GREAT girly party theme!

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Oh my daughter just had the most fun little party! I loved it because the whole party was so simple to setup and the girls had a fantastic time, really without me lifting a finger.

It all started when we got a chance to do a House Party American Girl Crafts® Party.

If you are not familiar with House Party, I recommend you take a peek at their website. They basically match up people and companies and then you throw a party with your House Party Box. Very cool, I know.


Scrapping Stuff we got to play with!

Anyway, this House Party was amazing. We invited a bunch of little girls and their moms to come and do American Girl Crafts® . Specifically, we did scrapbooking, using the Scrap & Stuff books and all sorts of extra add-ins from the American Girl Crafts® .


Table was super easy, with Scrap & Stuff Books as place settings and spots for girls AG dolls:)

We setup to have girls bring their AG dolls if they wanted and did a pink girly theme. My daughter likes to be different, so she incorporated a bunch of blue. Haha. But, I let her set it all up how she wanted. That was fun. Now that she is older (and had help from her older sister), she was able to feel like she ran the party.

I’m not a control freak, btw. Maybe a little bit. This was fun though.


Because EVERYTHING we needed to do the crafts came in the Party Pack, we did not need to schedule activities. The girls came and bypassed the food…


Seriously, they bypassed the food and threw themselves into doing their books. They barely moved the entire time aside from going to get more embellishments, stickers, tapes, stamps, idea papers and such.


It was fun to see how differently each girl worked and designed. They were all so creative!


Some of the Moms stayed and we got to visit, while the girls got to show us everything they were doing. It was truly an easy and enjoyable mother and daughter time.


I don’t always write about any House Parties I do, but this is a keeper, mainly because the party would be easy to recreate without a party pack.

The American Girl Crafts® are available at many stores and you would just need to gather up supplies, like embellishments and stickers and some of the little extras like envelopes. You could get the Scrap & Stuff books and follow the same theme. The Scrap & Stuff travel size books are reasonable and are very easy to use.


We found more American Girl Craft items at our Michaels

Take a look at the American Girl Crafts®  you can get ideas there and buy in store or on the site. Pick and choose your “add-ins” and throw a great party!


Imagination Station Books

Heather —  July 30, 2013

Hunt for devils dragon

Whether you need a few end of Summer adventures for your child to read or you are already planning for the school year, I think the Adventures In Odyssey (AIO) Imagination Station Chapter Books are great to have around.

My daughter has read quite a few and I think the storylines are well thought out and exciting for kids. All the ones we have read send kids throughout time on some sort of adventure.

We just read the Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon, #11. It has about 144 pages and is a 5.5 x 8 paperback book that retails at $4.99 (sometimes you can find them cheaper, too–the sets on Amazon give a discount).

In the Hunt For The Devil’s Dragon, cousins travel back to Libya in the 13th century to battle dragons, make friends, figure out a secret and fight evil. My daughter just loved the book and read it all in one sitting.

The whole series is written from a Christian world view, so you will find Christian theology throughout the story. I do not find them preachy, by the way. While the stories are fictional, they do have historical context, so I like to find a time period that goes along with the history we are studying in homeschool and add these books in as a fun thing for my 3rd grader.

Here’s my link if you want to check some out:

*Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book and I have included my affiliate link.

Tyndale Rewards Program

Heather —  July 28, 2013


Have you heard about the Tyndale Rewards program?

I heard about it, but never did check it out. Now that I took a look, I’m sorry I didn’t sign up earlier!

The program is SUPER simple to participate in and has no drawbacks that I see!

You pretty much can earn points by doing certain things (easy stuff) and then you redeem points for FREE books and Bibles. On top of that, as a member of the Tyndale Rewards program, you’ll have access to inspiring literature, Bibles, special promotional offers, and much more.

You’ll even get a free gift on your birthday, and opportunities to share personal recommendations and feedback concerning Tyndale products (already a blogger? You can do this also!). The more participation you have with the program, the more points you earn—and points translate into free stuff!

I just got a bunch of points tonight and some of the free books look very good.

tyndale clip

Bottom line:

The Tyndale Rewards program is a great way to get free books and Bibles that you can keep for yourself or give to friends and family. Your journey to earning free faith-based products is here! 

You can also refer your friends and earn points for that. In this post today, I’m sharing my Tyndale Rewards link so I can get points if you sign up.

To refer your friends and earn points, first sign up for free. Then click the “Earn Points” tab get your code from the “Invite a Friend to Join” section.

There is no cap on the amount of points you can generate through referring friends to signup.

To redeem your points: log in to your account on TyndaleRewards.com to see how many points you have collected in your account. Next, browse the product available for redemption. If you find a product you like and you have accumulated enough points, click the “Redeem” button.

Your Points will never expire! Have fun!

Sign up through my Tyndale Rewards link here.

Check out the video:


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The site offers a variety of tools including:

So if you’re trying to get rid of head lice post-camp, or a parent who always likes to be prepared for next season, visit Headfirst! Expert Advice on Lice for more information.